• Music, video, etc.


    A remote for the Leawo blue-ray player for Windows.

  • Ideas for input remotes or features


    I think I will end up buying UR even without this feature, but I really want the 3-finger gestures in Windows 10. I could get a USB touchpad, but I have spare tablets lying around. Hence, how I discovered UR.

    Is this a potential improvement that can be implemented? Is UR even actively being developed?

  • New remotes or improvements for presentations

    Michael Kordahi

    agree. a presenter view on watch would be great. switching away from unified remote because of this :(

  • Post here ideas for utility remotes


    Until a recent update of the Android app, I have been using the Utility Remote 'Start - Start applications' successfully to launch programs on a Windows 7 Pro (Lenovo) machine (using both a Moto G with Android L and a Moto G5 plus with Android N). However, it seems that since the app upgrade, that particular remote no longer functions properly. The symptoms include launching the wrong programs, losing the ability to properly navigate the Windows 'Start' directory structure, losing the ability to use the app's 'Back' button in navigation, etc. Attempts to clear app cache allow navigation to be 're-activated', but still result in incorrect programs being launched, etc.

    I have tried re-installing the app, stopping and restarting the server, repeatedly clearing cache and other techniques, but nothing has been able to restore the proper/expected functionality.

    Thanks for your attention to this.

  • Are you missing your browser's remote?


    I've been getting interested in Vivaldi lately, if anyone wants a remote for this let me know.

  • Requests related to custom IR, keys, scripts, and other


    Hi Nathan, thx for digging...
    Yes, starting kodi is easy, but syntax didn't work this way for me (Windows 10), because of whitespaces in path - following syntax was successful: <square bracket><square bracket>"c:\\Program Files (x86)\\Kodi\\kodi.exe"<square bracket><square bracket>;
    (having problems formatting)

    But that's another topic. My last thought was "batch" should work with Tasker (but I don't have it), which gives me an additional possibility to get better looking shortcuts on the screen - the selection of possible icons for a widget in UR is really poor. I am surprised it didn't work for you, depending on the documentation and with the UR plugin for tasker I expected that it should run - what is your general experience with Tasker and UR?

    I didn't tried including client action (Android) in the remote.lua on server side, I will have a look.

    Any other ideas?

New remotes/features requests (Unified Remote)

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