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    Download Deezer Web remote.

    search tracks cancel search tab forward through page elements tab backward through page elements select page element play all tracks on page mute volume lower volume raise volume add track to Favourite tracks replay track cycle through Repeat mode previous track play/pause toggle next track seek (position 0-9)


    I've based the buttons on Deezer's keyboard shortcuts (found by pressing "h" on webpage):


    Note I haven't included the shortcuts to go back/forward on the webpage. Alt+Left/right are the standard shortcuts to navigate back/forward on a browser, but in this case using them also Seeks back/forward on the currently playing track (at least in Chrome). This seems like a bug on Deezer's end, clicking the back/forward buttons in the browser works fine.

    Also noticed some colours look a little washed out in my browser, don't look too bad on my device. I based them on the Deezer logo.
    If you want to change them you can alter the hex codes in the layout (<button text="replay" onTap="replay" color="C1F1FC" />).

    I have also posted as new remote in Projects.

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    It should work on Android or iPhone. Are you having a problem installing/using?

    Do you have the full paid version of Unified Remote? You need this to install custom remotes.

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    Sedir Morais

    I'm also missing the presenter remote in Wear app. Just the basic stuff. Enter/leave presentation​, black screen, forward and back.

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    Definitely not something we could make a remote do, would have to come from devs in an app/server update.

    In the meantime what PC OS/phone OS/browser do you use? I have Join, which works great for what you describe. I have Win7/Android/Chrome, and the instant I copy something into the clipboard on either PC/phone/tablet, it syncs clipboard on all three devices.

    I actually do then use this in conjunction with UR. If I'm watching a TV show on VLC, I tap a tablet widget based on a UR custom remote button that gets the TV show name/episode from the title bar of VLC and puts it in the clipboard. My tablet clipboard syncs automatically using Join, and I can paste the TV show details straight into IMDB app without having to type anything.

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    Would like to have a remote to control Microsoft Edge

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    Hi rdsk,

    I have the same "problem". I have an S7 Edge, and this also has no IR bult-in. I also buy this USB-OTG Zazaremote to use IR remotes. And isn't recognized.

    I voted in your topic to increase the interest! We only can wait and hope the team add support for this type of device.

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