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    Thank you VERY MUCH, works perfectly.

  • Ideas for input remotes or features


    As far as I can tell, the buttons/functionality of the keyboard on the bottom toolbar is hardcoded into the remote. I say this because I can't find mention in any of the files of some of its buttons (PGU for example). In this case it would something the developers would have to change. Its a good idea, a paste button there next to WIN, CTRL, etc..

  • New remotes or improvements for presentations

    Bill McIntosh

    I get some use out of powerpoint remote, but it does occasionally quit and there is no reason I can figure out why it stops working (yes I reclick the window, so it isn't losing focus) Also the PPT remote does have the share/unshare button that would be helpful. Also a button to show the PIN on the screen and one to end the nearpod.

    Student list may be interesting, but not required.
    Must have:
    advance slide, previous slide, share, unshare, end

    Yes I have the full version.

  • Post here ideas for utility remotes


    +1 from me.

  • Are you missing your browser's remote?


    Would like to have a remote to control Microsoft Edge

  • Requests related to custom IR, keys, scripts, and other


    In the begin appologize my english i am not nativ speaker.
    I have idea about zoom near the cursor. When i use mouse control i want to see where mouse cursor exactly is. It should be good to have small preview of small part of PC screen around the cursor on the bottom of mobile display.

New remotes/features requests (Unified Remote)

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