• Music, video, etc.


    I am surprised that there is no remote for the Sling app. I would be grateful if someone could make one.

  • Ideas for input remotes or features


    I think I will end up buying UR even without this feature, but I really want the 3-finger gestures in Windows 10. I could get a USB touchpad, but I have spare tablets lying around. Hence, how I discovered UR.

    Is this a potential improvement that can be implemented? Is UR even actively being developed?

  • New remotes or improvements for presentations


    agree. a presenter view on watch would be great. switching away from unified remote because of this :(

  • Post here ideas for utility remotes


    Until a recent update of the Android app, I have been using the Utility Remote 'Start - Start applications' successfully to launch programs on a Windows 7 Pro (Lenovo) machine (using both a Moto G with Android L and a Moto G5 plus with Android N). However, it seems that since the app upgrade, that particular remote no longer functions properly. The symptoms include launching the wrong programs, losing the ability to properly navigate the Windows 'Start' directory structure, losing the ability to use the app's 'Back' button in navigation, etc. Attempts to clear app cache allow navigation to be 're-activated', but still result in incorrect programs being launched, etc.

    I have tried re-installing the app, stopping and restarting the server, repeatedly clearing cache and other techniques, but nothing has been able to restore the proper/expected functionality.

    Thanks for your attention to this.

  • Are you missing your browser's remote?


    take your time ;)

  • Requests related to custom IR, keys, scripts, and other


    Do not know if I can help you.

    My setup is that I am using iTach GC IR trans-receiver over LAN (IP over ethernet). This GC device is able to capture the IR codes from the physical remote in iTach GC format and then I use a converter tool to convert the IR codes from iTach GC to Pronto Hex format.

    The converted Pronto Hex IR code is then coded in the remote.lua file based on an example provided by the developer for Custom IR remote.

    I have heard of the Zaza Remote Micro USB dongle which you do mention and am keen to purchase one only for the Learning purpose.

New remotes/features requests (Unified Remote)

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