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    Hi everyone!
    First time posting here, so I hope I can do this right. Please let me know if there is something missing and so on.

    I love the app, sure, it's missing some IR stuff for my TV, but that can't be helped really. The only real issue I have now is the mouse input. It drives my absolutely nuts... and makes me use the app much less than I would otherwise. I'm used to using touch pads and such on laptops, but this mouse is for some reason working differently and I can't see the benefits, and I in fact end up doing the wrong input very often.

    So, my suggestion is to add a whole new alternative mouse mapping (it would of course be optional, so everyone that for some reason like the current mapping could stick to using that). It should still be easy to implement as it's using the same kind of features still. What I would recommend is the following:

    dragging the finger on the touch ear moves the mouse like everyone would expect. But holding down in the start or in the middle of move will not initiate a new action. It's still just a move. Tapping (pressing and releasing shortly after in a reasonably close proximity), results in a mouse left click. Like one would expect. Double tapping, is double click. (pretty standard so far) Tapping and then pressing down again, and dragging counts as initiating a mouse drag. Releasing counts as dropping (this could be edited to require a new press if you want, but I would prefer a quick mediate and responsive drop). If multi tough is enabled: Dragging two fingers scrolls. Pinching is zooming

    (Big bonus would be to have mouse pointer sensitivity modifier for each server.)

    That is all I want from the mouse. Having right click and let click buttons on the screen like now is great, and an area for scrolling don't hurt for those that don't want the multi touch.

    I think most of this would be pretty easy to implement, and if I had the source code available and easy to compile I would think I could mod it in pretty quickly...

    Anyway, thanks a lot, and I hope to see this feature in an update soon! So far this is my only real gripe with this app, otherwise it's been fantastic and I'm not regretting paying for it.

  • Share your Tasker-related requests


    So I continue to get that error. Tasker works fine performing the same action. I have worked around it by creating a Macrodroid macro, that calls a Tasker task for it's Action. (The macro is for pausing VLC media player using UR, when phone receives incoming call, described here).

    I have reported this as a bug here.

  • Ideas for mute, streaming between devices, etc.


    Since we can stream the screen, is it possible to stream audio as well?


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