• Post the remotes you want to use with Unified Remote


    how about a keyboard for programmers including individual keys for underscore and backslash and quotation marks etc

  • Tell us about the IR devices you want to use: TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, etc.


    Norcent JC429FC62UA

  • Ideas for colors, buttons, tab sizes, and all layout-related things


    It would be great if buttons and so on could be laid out on a canvas with x / y coordinates, so that more dynamic layouts could be achieved than is possible with a grid. Widget rotation would also be nice.

  • New libraries or library features

    Alex Kane

    Adding it to Server Manager or close to checking if PC Is awake or lock etc..

    Adding it to Tasker condition allow to do something interesting.

    For example

    IF PC is unlock (or awake)
    Do this task etc etc.

  • Post here suggestions for screen, mouse, keyboard and other app improvements

    Matthew Hayes

    Screen mirroring is nearly pointless on a device the size of a phone if a lot of the screen space is taken up by a menu bar that I won't be using. I'd like an option to disable it, but if there is one I can't find it

  • Suggestions for new features or improvements to the server

    John Eskilsson

    +1 for RESTful interface. This would be so useful. Especially integrating from other applications like Alexa or other applications that wants to trigger controls directly on the server without using the UR client application.


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