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  • Tell us about the IR devices you want to use: TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, etc.


    Could you please add support for the Hisense TV Smart TV's (2017 models)? Unfortunately, manufacturer's app isn't working (see ratings and review at Play store) and looks like nobody cares.

    I already tried to find some info about used protocols - no luck at all but... It's a Chinese manufacturer so with high probability they are re-used someone protocol (or maybe software!) with different setting (port numbers etc.).

    Your apps, guys, are perfect (I've bought a few of 'em), and, I believe so, you can do this.

    P.S. BTW, hardware quality of Hisense TV sets is perfect, and pricing is unbeatable (I paid $350 for 55'' 4K smart TV).

  • Ideas for colors, buttons, tab sizes, and all layout-related things


    When I use landscape mode on my phone, the menu stays closed but on my tablet the menu opens and I can't find a way to close it. Please see the below screenshot to see what I mean. I would like to be able to use that space to expand my custom remote that I'm working on.

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Resurrection Remix ROM 5.8.4 (Android 7.x) and my tablet a Tesco Hudl 2 with stock ROM (Android 5.x).

  • New libraries or library features

    Alex Kane

    Adding it to Server Manager or close to checking if PC Is awake or lock etc..

    Adding it to Tasker condition allow to do something interesting.

    For example

    IF PC is unlock (or awake)
    Do this task etc etc.

  • Post here suggestions for screen, mouse, keyboard and other app improvements


    Hi guys,

    would it possible to setup the server on multiple PCs and pair one mobile app to all the PCs, then share the pairings to other phones? (i.e. not have to pair each phone to every PC individually)?

    Kind regards,


  • Suggestions for new features or improvements to the server


    I want this feature too.


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