• Post the remotes you want to use with Unified Remote


    how about a keyboard for programmers including individual keys for underscore and backslash and quotation marks etc

  • Tell us about the IR devices you want to use: TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, etc.


    Norcent JC429FC62UA

  • Ideas for colors, buttons, tab sizes, and all layout-related things

    Fabio Milocco

    Ability to reorder remotes list in the android app interface (for example by holding down and dragging).


  • New libraries or library features

    Alex Kane

    Adding it to Server Manager or close to checking if PC Is awake or lock etc..

    Adding it to Tasker condition allow to do something interesting.

    For example

    IF PC is unlock (or awake)
    Do this task etc etc.

  • Post here suggestions for screen, mouse, keyboard and other app improvements

    Dayne Putnam

    I use tasker in conjunction with unified remote to do a crazy amount of tasks.
    The one thing I would like to see is the tasker plugin for acting on UR events to also have a variable for the event key used. something like %ureventkey would be perfect.

    The reason on why I want this is I have a widget that uses about 20 tasker tasks, and creating a profile for every button is tiresome.

    The way I have another similar profile setup is like this

    Profile: Autoremote All Messages > Task: Perform Task(Message)

    This would simplify and make UR's tasker integration a bit stronger

  • Suggestions for new features or improvements to the server


    I would very much like for Unified Remote Server to adopt the XDG Base directory specification. Currently the configuration and remotes are stored in $HOME/.urserver.

    According to XDG Base directory specification, Unified Remote Server should not have its own folder anymore:
    User data should go into $XDG_DATA_HOME (which default to ~/.local/share),
    user preferences should go into $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (which default to ~/.config)
    and cached data should go to $XDG_CACHE_HOME (which default to ~/.cache).
    More details at :

    Full specification can be found at:

    There are real advantages of following this specification :

    a lot less cluttered $HOME Make backups a lot more safer and easier.
    Backuping your $XDG_DATA_HOME along with your files is enough
    (or just excluding $XDG_CACHE_HOME) A lot easier to reset a default configuration if you want/need it (and
    without any risk to loose information). Even for the software itself
    could choose to reset $XDG_CONFIG_HOME if needed. Avoid some strange bugs that happens because you had a old version of
    some configuration file A lot more of flexibility and portability because no path are hardcoded.

    If the different variables ($XDG_DATA_HOME, etc.) are not set, the current behavior of using the directory $HOME/.urserver can be a fall back.


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