• Bugs concerning using or installing the server (including remote libraries).


    Hm other than a reinstall of Unified Remote, out of ideas. On Win7 so can't replicate.

  • Bugs concerning the Android app.

    Dev Kumar

    Great app which has worked flawlessly for me up until recently. Currently the duplicate, extend, computer only and projector only in the "monitor" remote have seemed to stopped working for me on Windows 10 (creators update).****

    Any chance for a fix in the next app update?

  • Bugs concerning the iOS app.


    You might be able to work out the correct pixels for your row..... and so get maximum quality if you keep the actual logo in the correct aspect ratio, and as big as possible, and add side or top and bottom fillers so that "fit" does not distort it......

  • Bugs that are specific to a remote control (for example Plex, Spotify, etc).


    In Windows 10, when using the basic remote, input works fine until a dialog box pops up. After the popup occurs, clicking/typing is completely disabled from the app. I have to switch back to using a normal mouse to dismiss the dialog box. Once dismissed, the basic remote immediately starts working again.

    The type and source of the dialog box seems to be irrelevant. For example, I'm starting qBittorrent and it prompts me to upgrade to the latest version. I can move the mouse cursor over the dialog box from the Basic Remote, but I am unable to click on it or do anything to dismiss it.

  • Bugs concerning the Windows Phone app.


    Now there is a section for windows phone. We just did not want a empty section and we do not get many wp questions.

    Your problem is due to a limitation in windows phone. We hope to be able to create a new windows phone app in the future that will support broadcasts and find servers automatically.


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