• Bugs concerning using or installing the server (including remote libraries).

    Jake Storms

    Will the driver ever get signed? I would think atleast users of the pro version should have access to a signed driver if this is a cost issue to get things signed by MS?? Really annoying.

  • Bugs concerning the Android app.


    I can replicate, same versions.

  • Bugs concerning the iOS app.


    You might be able to work out the correct pixels for your row..... and so get maximum quality if you keep the actual logo in the correct aspect ratio, and as big as possible, and add side or top and bottom fillers so that "fit" does not distort it......

  • Bugs that are specific to a remote control (for example Plex, Spotify, etc).

    Daniel Jansen

    skype for business remote Call control.

    I would like to place a android tablet in our meeting room where they can at least answer calls. Even better place calls mute unmute etc.

    But i would be very happy with only a answer function.

  • Bugs concerning the Windows Phone app.


    Now there is a section for windows phone. We just did not want a empty section and we do not get many wp questions.

    Your problem is due to a limitation in windows phone. We hope to be able to create a new windows phone app in the future that will support broadcasts and find servers automatically.


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