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  • nathan323

    Wow sorry, not having a great run, fixed above, here it is again:

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  • nathan323

    Ok no worries. I've compiled both the left & right scripts into executables, which means you don't have to install AutoHotkey to make them work. I can't recommend AutoHotkey enough on the side though, well worth a look at.

    Here are the executables, put them
    wherever, then remote code will look like:

    actions.move_screen = function()"C:\\pathtoexecutables\\Move Monitor - Left.exe");
    actions.move_screen = function()"C:\\pathtoexecutables\\Move Monitor - Right.exe");

    Let me know if you have any dramas.

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  • nathan323

    Yeah sorry, sloppy testing, the window had already been in position to jump monitors, I figured it had worked.

    I can't get it to work in any combination of left/right/l/r. I also tried versions of:


    ..same result.

    I guess needs to be reported as a bug, unless anyone else can chime in with similar experience/fix.

    The workaround I've tested successfully is to use an AutoHotkey script:

    Send +#{left}

    Then call it in remote:

    actions.move_screen = function()"C:\\pathtoscript\\AutoHotkey Script.ahk");

    Are you familiar with AutoHotkey ?

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  • nathan323

    I can replicate, but playing around with it I got it to work with lwin:

    kb.stroke("lwin", "shift", "left");

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  • nathan323

    Are you on Windows?

    Which remote is it? Is it a remote you have downloaded from this forum, or have you created it yourself?

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  • nathan323

    Ok done, download here.

    Follow this to install:

    Look for the new remote "Airfoil" in Media category of app.

    A couple of things to note:

    • I'm going to post this in the Remotes section of this forum, with the stream-to-speaker buttons labelled as "Speaker 1" etc, with yours I have called them "Laptop" etc.
    • The play/pause button on the generic media remote (which is where I got the code from) doesn't work in VLC for me. Just try the buttons and if anything doesn't work let me know, I'll show you how to change.

    Whether or not it will work without focus will depend on Airfoil. Usually most progs needs focus, unless Airfoil is designed to accept the shortcuts globally. But what I could do is write in an action that brings Airfoil to focus first, then sends command. See how it goes when you test it out.

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  • nathan323

    Yeah for sure, that's all we need. Can you post the full list of shortcuts you want to use, plus what each one does?

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  • nathan323

    Ahh no worries, thought you meant you were going to try VLC remote with MPC-HC, all good.

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  • nathan323

    The VLC Advanced remote wont work for MPC-HC.

    To use the new MPC-HC code, replace the contents of the files remote.lua and layout.xml with the code I posted, restart server and app.

    You'll find those files at (Windows) C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Bundled\Unified\Main\MPC-HC

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