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    Thank you VERY MUCH, works perfectly.

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    Hi, do you know whether it is possible to set volume of Z906 to an exact level? Does an IR code exist for this functionality?
    E.g. I would like set volume level to 25% of max.

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  • There is an Anymote plugin for Tasker you need (Search "tasker" here).
    But on closer look, the Widget Change Action/Device Action/Tasker does not seem to be working. When I create a Profile as described here, the widget does nothing.

    I have gotten it to work though with this workaround:

    So for step 5 in TASKER, you would select your new Anymote plugin, and it should contain shortcuts for remotes/remote commands. Same goes for Sure Universal Remote (plugin for Android, plugin for iPhone).

    It all seems a bit roundabout, I might be missing something, but that s the only way I know at the moment. Once work is done though it works fine.

  • Mine is working, ZTE Blade

  • +1 from me.

  • As far as I can tell, the buttons/functionality of the keyboard on the bottom toolbar is hardcoded into the remote. I say this because I can't find mention in any of the files of some of its buttons (PGU for example). In this case it would something the developers would have to change. Its a good idea, a paste button there next to WIN, CTRL, etc..

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    Thanks again David. I really do appreciate your input. But unfortunately there are still some issues here - it's still not a straightforward solution, and creates other problems - for those keys with longer labels they would overflow the box, so ideally some 'scale to width' capability would be really helpful. I don't see that with this type of utility.

    You are right that the platforms do impose some restrictions around what can and can't be done, but there are several examples of how you can use different font sizes (such as in web pages, or in emails, or in the various office-style apps that are available). It feels like it ought to be possible to be more flexible.

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    Well with your help I managed to get it working great! Thank you very much for that it's appreciated! I'm not sure what the problem was, I think I took out the "command" button binds by renaming them to something else.

    Such a powerful app, and combined with autohotkey you can do anything. It's useful for me because I have my laptop hooked into my TV, and obviously I don't want to be sat 2mm away from it haha!

    Thanks for your help once again! I may have to have a play around and try creating some useful things for myself!

  • Same here on Ubuntu 16.04.1.

  • ok I just compared remotes that did work correctly with action wizard. you have to comment with:

    --@help command

    before your action and you can change to command to whatever you would like your description to be.

  • I am also curious about this is there a way?

  • The button would have to get feedback from Soundcloud website - definitely not an easy fix, but possibly tying in with the topic I recommended to Watch in my previous post (just realised it's been a long "couple of weeks" woops..)

    I presume you're not able to see the Like heart on the website while you're using the remote?

    I'll definitely have a tinker in the next few days..

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