• It seems Microsoft now accept only drivers signed by themselves.
    If you absolutely cannot live without this feature you could try one of these solutions........

    Permanent test mode....

    Registry hack for this driver only......


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  • OK, reply to my own topic. I got the Sony S-1700 remote to send about a dozen "learns" before the UR server froze. Unfortunately, ALL of the keys apparently sent the SAME code:


    This code does nothing, not even "blip" the IR. So I tried another method I've used to get problem IR codes. I used an old RCA universal remote to "learn" the Sony commands. This it did and can control the Sony. But when I used the UUIRT remote to learn from the RCA I (maybe not surprisingly) got the same code I "learned" from the original Sony remote. I'm at a loss to explain it. Anyone have ideas?

  • I have the same problem.....
    I'm using the android app (3.8.1 (38003)) and a server on win10x32 with bluetooth. The connection will lost, but I can't reconnect. I reboot pc and tablet and it works for 2 hours and then he lost again de connection. Can you help me ? is het possible to connect with usb or usb-midi mode ?)
    Tablet that I use is the Asus ZenPad 8.0

    Kind Regard,


  • I like to use the flic button to activate the listen function (mic-button) for voice recognition/ action at the unified remote app…
    Please have a look here:

    Can anyone say if this would already work together?

    If not - please dear dev-team think about it! thanks

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  • Thanks for your reply! This is very good information, because I didn’t know those apps before.
    I now did some tests with Tasker/ Autovoice and Unified Remote in my environment.

    Here are my results:

    I defined some test- tasks in Tasker that are triggering my UR Remote. General it works but.
    negative points:

    Google is searching keywords all the time in the internet. (Switching off by AutoVoice doesn’t work) the command is not send every time need to administer the remote tasks in Tasker & UR dependency of the correct interop of three apps (Tasker/ AutoVoice/ Unified Remote)

    So far, I must say the implementation of Google Now in the unified remote app itself is much more reliable than in Tasker. (For my purpose) In other words it works perfect for my needs.

    It would be really great to get UR listening without touching the device (mic button)!!

    I tried to realize this by using Tasker but it doesn’t work? Tasks:
    ur://intent/remote:franka.ICRIIKeys (my UR-Remote, that is working)
    ur://intent/device:listen (Unified Remote should go to listen?)

    I would really prefer to push a remote button like flic.io than to say “Hello Google” every time.
    Does everyone know if this is possible? Pressing a button on a blue tooth device would be also ok?

    Dear UR development Team – please implement the functionality to press the mic-button (listening)
    by a remote button like flic.io if not done already - than please let me know how to proceed …

    Thanks for any other help with this topic
    have a nice day

  • My problem is similar to this, the basic input remote doesn't work if task manager or TeamViewer have focus. if it use the"start"remote to launch another program like notepad, it works again, but i can't interact with the task manager or TeamViewer windows. this has been happening for months. i am running Windows 10.

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    I found. If anyone is interested it can be done from client (right btn click on server icon in Windows).

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  • Monitor

    I noticed @PascalLascar had a similar problem: http://community.unifiedremote.com/topic/778/win-10-displayswitch-creators-update

    I can only figure the path for 64-bit to displayswitch.exe has changed.

    If you go to C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Bundled\Unified\Main\Monitor, and open remote_win.lua in a text editor, delete code:

    -- Invoke the native version of DisplaySwitch if we're on x64 Windows... if os.getenv("PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432") == "AMD64" then display_switch_path = "%windir%/Sysnative/DisplaySwitch.exe"; end

    Save file, restart UR server, try again..

  • I just installed MediaMonkey and was having the same problem.

    I then changed a setting in MediaMonkey, now its working.

    Tools > Options > Library > Media Sharing (UPnP/DLNA).

    Should be one server listed, "MediaMonkey Library", double click to open Options.

    Tick box "Share automatically with all new devices"

    Restart MediaMonkey

    Restart the Unified Remote server & app

    Let me know if you still have dramas.


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    Definitely not something we could make a remote do, would have to come from devs in an app/server update.

    In the meantime what PC OS/phone OS/browser do you use? I have Join, which works great for what you describe. I have Win7/Android/Chrome, and the instant I copy something into the clipboard on either PC/phone/tablet, it syncs clipboard on all three devices.

    I actually do then use this in conjunction with UR. If I'm watching a TV show on VLC, I tap a tablet widget based on a UR custom remote button that gets the TV show name/episode from the title bar of VLC and puts it in the clipboard. My tablet clipboard syncs automatically using Join, and I can paste the TV show details straight into IMDB app without having to type anything.

  • You on Win10 also? Anything happen around the time it stopped working, like install/uninstall software, updates, etc?

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    Download Deezer Web remote.

    search tracks cancel search tab forward through page elements tab backward through page elements select page element play all tracks on page mute volume lower volume raise volume add track to Favourite tracks replay track cycle through Repeat mode previous track play/pause toggle next track seek (position 0-9)


    I've based the buttons on Deezer's keyboard shortcuts (found by pressing "h" on webpage):


    Note I haven't included the shortcuts to go back/forward on the webpage. Alt+Left/right are the standard shortcuts to navigate back/forward on a browser, but in this case using them also Seeks back/forward on the currently playing track (at least in Chrome). This seems like a bug on Deezer's end, clicking the back/forward buttons in the browser works fine.

    Also noticed some colours look a little washed out in my browser, don't look too bad on my device. I based them on the Deezer logo.
    If you want to change them you can alter the hex codes in the layout (<button text="replay" onTap="replay" color="C1F1FC" />).

    I have also posted as new remote in Projects.

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    It's absolutely Wayland. I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 which comes with a Wayland option by default. The mouse works fine on X11, no response on Wayland. The remotes do still connect, but mouse movement is hindered.

    I believe Manjaro also ships with a Wayland option, and many other distributions are heading that direction.

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    Hm, yeah I can replicate, strange. Even triggering a batch file with UR that carries out the same command (start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\kodi.exe" on Windows) works fine, even though essentially you're doing the same thing with the Command remote.

    The workaround that works for me is to use the "launch" button on the Kodi remote:


    This connects successfully for me, allowing remote to work. Does this work for you?

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