• I'm on Win7 so cant replicate, hopefully someone with Win10 can help.

  • Hm other than a reinstall of Unified Remote, out of ideas. On Win7 so can't replicate.

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    I'm also missing the presenter remote in Wear app. Just the basic stuff. Enter/leave presentation​, black screen, forward and back.

  • Yeah, thanks for this two btw ( 1/ trying helped me, 2/ make me discover this awesome better remote )

    Will launch by the shortcut, it's not a big deal when i need to use remote...

    Have a nice day !

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    I noticed there are 3 Plex remotes available: Plex, Plex keyboard, and Plex App Win10. Is it the last that you are using?

  • It should work on Android or iPhone. Are you having a problem installing/using?

    Do you have the full paid version of Unified Remote? You need this to install custom remotes.

  • The functionality of the purpose-built Java-based app written for LibreOffice is much more powerful than the remotes used in Unified Remote (UR). Certainly the screen preview part is the hardest to replicate - there is a Screen remote with UR that shows you the entire screen as displayed by your monitor, but at least on my setup it is laggy and buggy.

    The closest I could think you would come with UR would be to have a custom remote that dedicated a portion of the remote to a touchpad that moved the cursor on-screen (like the included Basic remote), and a portion that acted like the included Slideshow remote (buttons that moved up/down through slides/jumped to particular slide by number). The Slideshow remote also allows slide navigation via hardware volume buttons.

    So essentially from your list you would have the functionality of [3] and half of [2] (there would be no red dot, just the regular mouse pointer).

  • The tutorial you've linked to instructs how to export/import widgets for Unified Remote only, using the Widget Editor in the app. It cant be used to manage widgets for other apps.

    If the widget you want is based on an app that's no longer installed on your phone, you wont get that widget. The widget interacts with the app to display information/provide functionality from that app.

  • Yeah I think you're right.

    The "%C3%B6" is supposed to convert to " ö ", but it doesn't.

    I can see string manipulation in the remote file here:

    local code = utf8.replace(_text, "\"", "\\\"");

    ..so a workaround may be an addition to the utf8.replace entry (documentation), eg. something like utf8.replace(_text, "%C3%B6"", "ö"". But any change would only be relevant to that particular link, so not really a fix.

  • +1 from me too.

  • I've just installed Spotify and haven't been able to replicate these bugs.

    Does reloading the remote fix it? The quickest way to do that I've found is to have the remote in Quick Switch and just choose it again.

    I presume you're not getting an obvious connection error with the server at the time, red banner at top of remote?

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    I had the same issue, changing the url worked for me. Thank you!

    For anyone wondering where to find this code, it's located in your_remotes_path\Unified\Main\Spotify Advanced\common.lua
    You can find the path to your remotes in the server settings.

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    New release of this remote will come very soon.


    Features, changes

    new gui and more

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    You can usually easily clone any remote, but I haven't been able to replicate the Basic remote in particular. The layout isn't determined from the local layout/remote files. There is an older version however included in the remotes folder, that allows added buttons (so you could add a small row down the bottom with F11).
    To play with it & see if it suits your needs (there are buttons for left & right click instead of tapping the trackpad), you need to change a couple of things in this file:

    C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Bundled\Unified\Main\Basic Input MT\meta.prop -

    meta.hidden: true - change true to false. meta.id: Relmtech.Basic Input Multitouch - delete this line

    Then restart your server and the remote should show up in the 'Input' category after a few seconds.

    Also, unfortunately it doesnt look like it's possible to remove/modify the bottom toolbar:

    Hopefully this a planned change, seems popular on forum.

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    Any buttons in particular you wanted?

  • Having the same problem right now. Help please?

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