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    This also affects Ubuntu 17.10 which uses Wayland by default.

    The mouse cursor is visible and I can move it with my USB mouse. I can send keyboard input from the UR app, but when I try to move the mouse cursor from UR the cursor itself doesn't move but it seems like there's a second, invisible cursor moving around because I'm actually able to highlight items on the screen and click independent of the "main" cursor - it's just very hard to tell where I'm pointing without a visible cursor!

    When I select the Xorg fallback session on the login screen UR works as normal.

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    Possible duplicate of this bug? http://community.unifiedremote.com/topic/674/no-mouse-cursor-on-fedora-25

    Has anyone tried @nathan323's suggestion?

  • There is a test remote made by the Unified Intent devs, called Air Mouse/Air Mouse 2. You can find it on their Git here:


    It is jittery for me, though, as the orientation only gets updates 6 times a second in Unified Remote for me. My phone's hardware has an sampling rate of 100.16 orientation updates a second, but for some reason it's limited to ~6 in Unified Remote. I assume the devs did not release it as a core remote as it still needed testing.

  • Here I don't have this problem o.O

    I did a test now o.o

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