• posted in Server by Arend de Boer

    I have a similar problem in Ubuntu 16.04. The mouse is working but with no visible pointer on boot. The most cursor appears when I move my normal USB mouse, though. Then everything works fine.

    There must be something different in how the server controls the mouse. Maybe Gnome hides the mouse pointer until it gets some kind of USB activity?

  • posted in Server by swirlsky

    same problem any advice?

  • There is a test remote made by the Unified Intent devs, called Air Mouse/Air Mouse 2. You can find it on their Git here:


    It is jittery for me, though, as the orientation only gets updates 6 times a second in Unified Remote for me. My phone's hardware has an sampling rate of 100.16 orientation updates a second, but for some reason it's limited to ~6 in Unified Remote. I assume the devs did not release it as a core remote as it still needed testing.

  • Here I don't have this problem o.O

    I did a test now o.o

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