• ok I just compared remotes that did work correctly with action wizard. you have to comment with:

    [email protected] command

    before your action and you can change to command to whatever you would like your description to be.

  • posted in Android by Igor Marcossi

    Hi, I have the exact same issue. The IR command works great in the custom remote, but doesn't work in a widget. Has anyone found a solution?

  • Lists are also not supported at the moment.

  • posted in General by hhenri


    EDIT: This has changed a lot, current versions found here.

    Red is for Netflix, orange is for VLC, blue for IE.

    Alt-Tab description can be found here.

    Rest are windows commands.

    Hit me up if you want any code/help :)

  • posted in Remotes by TimeToGlaze

    Both the Unified Remote android app and Plex Media Server Updated. The plex remote continues not to work. I would love to hear if any progress has been made!

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