• fury-s12

    Hey all, hopefully a quick one here

    I discovered today that UR has a plex remote built in, which is awesome, however i cant get it to control my plex.

    It didn't work out of the box, eventually i found the remote config in the (pc) interface and changed the server setting to the ip my plex is on, looking in the UR logs it seems to be working in that it doesn't complain about anything but plex never responds.

    There's also a player setting in the config but the value is blank, i can't find any dosc on what this is supposed to be or or docs on any other required settings, or even if changing server to my ip is correct.

    googling only brings up a myriad of custom plex remotes from 6 years ago or the Plex Home Theatre guide which is uesless

    has anyone got the plex remote up and working and if so what settings did you use?

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