• PascalLascar

    At windows 10 - the standard monitor remote is not working for me, only display turn off / torn on. so i created this simple remote with the following commands and worked fine since creators update. Do anybody have an idea or tip. Thnaks

    -- OS Library
    -- http://www.unifiedremote.com/api/libs/os

    [email protected] Command 1
    actions.command1 = function ()
    os.execute("C:/Windows/System32/DisplaySwitch.exe /internal");

    [email protected] Command 2
    actions.command2 = function ()
    os.execute("C:/Windows/System32/DisplaySwitch.exe /external");

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  • PascalLascar

    tried to use online converter from this link



    but since days not reachable - moved to an other link or completely down?

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