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    I would like to be able to have a custom remote created on my watch with the same concept you are using on the phone.
    Most important i want the remote on my watch only when i start it on the watch and not pop up everytime if there is a connection to the server like today.

    I would like to send voice commands from my watch once i have opened unified remote

    Keep up the great work you have started!

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    I like it. Currently I'm using FlippR on my screen to make my Unified Remote widgets "floatably" accessible from any screen as a top level option that won't mess with my main active application on the screen. But, of course, a widget barely compares to a full-on remote. It'd be great to multitask with a full remote like that.

    Ya know... Or a GUI editor or simply more button icon options available. A color wheel instead of having to look up color hex codes for the 9,423,875 custom colors I use and app-switch over all day during widget design. ;)

    Either way, I appreciate your hard work. Bravo!

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    Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 version supported? It has inbuilt IR blaster. I was able to use the IR blaster using some of the apps available in play store. Thanks

  • I just tried device.openapp("com.imdb.mobile") as an example - nothing happened. Generally actions in remote.lua for the client like device.toast("...") or device.keyboard() are working. When I inspect server log:

    "attempt to call field 'OpenApp' (a nil value)"

    Is it true (according to first post) that OpenApp is implemented? I also didn't see anything in the documentation...


    Thank you!

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    I think that's absolutely wonderful and great work on your part :)

  • Yes. I've been on a wild goose chase for the last hour in pursuit of the premium features that ultimately led me into choosing Unified Remote over one their many competitors. I'm not certain that any privlages have been elevated over the free version. This application does seem capable of being greatly versatile once I've poured over the resources and ingested the information. For the time being however, I'd go head over heels for up to date directions toward the premium content. For instance screen mirroring is still withheld, despite the fact that I'm now using the pro application from google play. Any help will not go unappreciated.

  • We need to start somewhere and since the largest userbase is on windows it is natural to start there. However if we see a large number of requests for other operating systems we will look in to them.

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  • @ronCYA said:

    I think your in-house solution is very elegant, doesn't take you out of the Unified Remote 'immersion' and supports fellow developers— all good things!

    Exactly what I was thinking when they showed these to me - it doesn't take you out of the app-experience, but still serves the same purpose as traditional adds. I really like the idea of "ads with a twist" :)

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