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    I have a usb-c IR blaster. The only app that partially worked was ZaZa and its the worst app I have ever used. Riddled with ads, can't pay to remove them, and its super data havesting and user spying/tracking. I am hoping that suport may be made in unified remote. Even if I could be pointed towards development libraries to be used on Android for interfacing with this device. For details see

  • New remotes or improvements for presentations


    agree. a presenter view on watch would be great. switching away from unified remote because of this :(

  • Post here ideas for utility remotes


    Hi, I am new to Unified Remote and to this forum. Until now I had used an excellent remote control that incorporates a large number of "profiles", including MPC HC, which is what I use to watch videos on my TV with an HDMI connection to my PC, hence the need for a remote.

    That remote control was called Hipporemote. Unfortunately the developer has disappeared and the app has not been updated since 2010, is not compatible with IOS 11 and can no longer be purchased.

    Therefore I have purchased the full version of Unified Remote, which seems powerful indeed. Yet some features which are present in Hipporemote are apparently absent in UR. The most obvious, which is essential to me is the possibility to switch audio and subtitle tracks, which can be done in HR by just touching "next audio" and "next subtitle".

    Another strange feature, but perhaps I do not yet fully understand the way UR works, is that if I open MPC HC on my computer, and continue on the remote, I seem to be working on two instances of MPC HC.

    What I miss is a real user manual, not just a "how to" series of answers to various questions, but a systematic manual, that explains how the app works, in full detail.

    This is addressed to the developer of this app, I hope he can reply.

  • Are you missing your browser's remote?

    Christine Schmitt

    Hi developers, I would like to have a remote for Microsoft Edge, too. I use unified remote for a long time and I am happy so far, but a remote for the Edge browser would be great. Thanks in advance.

  • Requests related to custom IR, keys, scripts, and other


    I second this, a more straightforward WAN connectivity is needed.

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