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    Hello there

    As per the title I was wondering if it was possible to get a remote for this app. Link to the software:

    The program does have support for a remote control, the author has an API here:

    Sadly I wouldn't know where to start trying to do something like this myself.

    Thanks in advance


  • Ideas for input remotes or features

    Caleb Anderson

    I'd like to see Unified Remote compatible with Google Home/Google Assistant.

  • New remotes or improvements for presentations


    agree. a presenter view on watch would be great. switching away from unified remote because of this :(

  • Post here ideas for utility remotes


    Hello there !
    I'm bringing this topic back to life because I'm a newbie in this and I would like to know how this Sleep timer could work.

    What I'm actually looking for, is a Power Off PC Remote that will ask me to enter the time (in minutes) in which it will send the instruction to my Windows PC.

    Any detailed help would really be appreciated !
    Thanks in advance.

  • Are you missing your browser's remote?

    Christine Schmitt

    Hi developers, I would like to have a remote for Microsoft Edge, too. I use unified remote for a long time and I am happy so far, but a remote for the Edge browser would be great. Thanks in advance.

  • Requests related to custom IR, keys, scripts, and other


    Hi, I know we can use unified with android wear but is it possible to adapt it to other watch os, like tizen os (samsung gear) ?

New remotes/features requests (Unified Remote)

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