• Post the remotes you want to use with Unified Remote


    Hello there

    As per the title I was wondering if it was possible to get a remote for this app. Link to the software:

    The program does have support for a remote control, the author has an API here:

    Sadly I wouldn't know where to start trying to do something like this myself.

    Thanks in advance


  • Tell us about the IR devices you want to use: TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, etc.


    Does Unified TV have learning facility where we can add our own IR remotes using Network IR Blasters (iTach GC Devices). It will be impossible for you to add all possible IR remotes for every IR device that exists on this planet and hence the requirement for IR learning with Unified TV.

    If you do have IR learning facility with Unified TV Android app, do post some material such as a user guide or how do we go about adding our own IR remotes especially if we capture and know our device IR Key codes. (whether in Pronto Hex or iTach GC format)

  • Ideas for colors, buttons, tab sizes, and all layout-related things

    Qua Couron

    Please, can you make the task manager process list sortable? In its current state, it's more than a total drag to use, especially if you have quite a lot of processes. It would be beyond appreciated to be able to sort by name, at the very least. Would be happy with the bare minimum. :) thanks for considering my request, hopefully it isn't a difficult one, and it can be implemented easily! Love the app otherwise!

  • New libraries or library features

    Alex Kane

    Adding it to Server Manager or close to checking if PC Is awake or lock etc..

    Adding it to Tasker condition allow to do something interesting.

    For example

    IF PC is unlock (or awake)
    Do this task etc etc.

  • Post here suggestions for screen, mouse, keyboard and other app improvements


    Please, add the possibility to read the Tasker variables, in a tasker task, for example if i want to send a particular text an URL, to my pc, i cant't, because i can't set the change text, with a variables.
    Please add this normal possibility for the all other tasker plugin

  • Suggestions for new features or improvements to the server

    Daniel Oliveira

    Can you package the server to solusOS?


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