• Bugs concerning using or installing the server (including remote libraries).


    and the driver signature problem continues to this day with windows 10 1809.
    it's a shame, but at least the legacy V2 version works, it does not have several features equal to V3, but at least it works the basic input and vlc keybord.

  • Bugs concerning the Android app.


    Same bug(
    Mouse in Basic Input does only Double Click with single tap and left button in non-multi-touch mode.

    I have tried another smartphone, reinstalled Android App, reinstalled Windows Server, deleted remotes mannualy, install old versions of server, deleted and reinstall HID driver.

    And all the same(((

  • Bugs concerning the iOS app.


    Dalej jest taki sam błąd! Pierwsze kliknięcie działa prawidłowo. A gdy chcemy jeszcze raz kliknac albo wyrzuca linki do nowej karty albo nie działa lewy klawisz.

    Next is the same mistake! The first click works properly. And when we want to click again, either drop the links to the new card or the left key does not work.

  • Bugs that are specific to a remote control (for example Plex, Spotify, etc).


    Feature as per topic stopped working after latest update!

  • Bugs concerning the Windows Phone app.


    Now there is a section for windows phone. We just did not want a empty section and we do not get many wp questions.

    Your problem is due to a limitation in windows phone. We hope to be able to create a new windows phone app in the future that will support broadcasts and find servers automatically.


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