• Bugs concerning using or installing the server (including remote libraries).


    @bennytheben I am facing the same issue in Ubuntu 17.10

  • Bugs concerning the Android app.


    For some reason, a single tap in the app sends two clicks to the server.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 6.0.1
    Windows 10 Laptop

  • Bugs concerning the iOS app.


    Same bug 2 years later, happens all the time after use of multi-touch. Also can't close keyboard after opening without exiting the remote it was opened in. These issues need to be fixed or my usage will drop rapidly.

  • Bugs that are specific to a remote control (for example Plex, Spotify, etc).


    Hello, I also have this problem, hope for your HELP! DEVELOPERS respond PLZ!
    Device OS: IOS 11.2
    Server OS: Windows 10
    Latest Unified Remote Server & App
    link for screen:

  • Bugs concerning the Windows Phone app.


    Now there is a section for windows phone. We just did not want a empty section and we do not get many wp questions.

    Your problem is due to a limitation in windows phone. We hope to be able to create a new windows phone app in the future that will support broadcasts and find servers automatically.


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