• "A press confirmation for the "power" remote"

    totally agree with it.

    I had just wrongly press the hibernate button to let my pc enter bootloop. I am now so nervous whenever I am on power menu.

    "any little press can't be canceled"

    that is true... I think it can be just done by handling the remote action by comparing the location of onTapEnd whether it is still on the button.

    I am also so disappointed to found that these request were from 6 months ago but they are not implemented.
    I hope the development team takes user experience more serious...

  • Monitor

    I noticed @PascalLascar had a similar problem: http://community.unifiedremote.com/topic/778/win-10-displayswitch-creators-update

    I can only figure the path for 64-bit to displayswitch.exe has changed.

    If you go to C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Bundled\Unified\Main\Monitor, and open remote_win.lua in a text editor, delete code:

    -- Invoke the native version of DisplaySwitch if we're on x64 Windows... if os.getenv("PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432") == "AMD64" then display_switch_path = "%windir%/Sysnative/DisplaySwitch.exe"; end

    Save file, restart UR server, try again..

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