Sorry for late reply.

Yeah I see what you mean..

The way the Volume remote is coded - it seems to calculate the current volume, then uses that to set volume at percentage of current volume.

function down(i) for i = 1, i do"volumedown"); end end function up(i) for i = 1, i do"volumeup"); end end function zero() if OS_WINDOWS then down(50); else down(16); end end function set(x) zero(); if OS_WINDOWS then up(math.floor(x / 2)); else up(math.floor(x / 6.25)); end end [email protected] Set volume level [email protected] vol:number Volume (0-100) percent. actions.volume_set = function (vol) set(vol); end [email protected] Set volume to 0% actions.volume_0 = function () set(0); end [email protected] Set volume to 10% actions.volume_10 = function () set(10); end


Found at C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Bundled\Unified\Main\Volume\remote.lua

That might help?

Any chance you could share your powershell script, just for my own reference?