Version 1.1 released. Offers 18 new long press actions.
The layout has not been changed.

Comparing to the previous version short actions,
Reload Original Image function (red button) has become a long press action.
A short tap action under this button is Change Image Size / Aspect

One long press action is not working properly.
It is "Open the favourite image". It works only when Irfan View current directory is the same as the file location. It will be modified or replaced with another function.

Folder down / up work only with the same level folders (no level up). The functions display the first image.

The last blue button starts Irfan View. The location of the program is set to the default install path in Windows. It may be changed if the path is different.

The name of the remote has been changed to Irfan View Advance.
It could be simply "Irfan View", but I know there was a different remote named "Irfan View".