Thanks for your reply! This is very good information, because I didn’t know those apps before.
I now did some tests with Tasker/ Autovoice and Unified Remote in my environment.

Here are my results:

I defined some test- tasks in Tasker that are triggering my UR Remote. General it works but.
negative points:

Google is searching keywords all the time in the internet. (Switching off by AutoVoice doesn’t work) the command is not send every time need to administer the remote tasks in Tasker & UR dependency of the correct interop of three apps (Tasker/ AutoVoice/ Unified Remote)

So far, I must say the implementation of Google Now in the unified remote app itself is much more reliable than in Tasker. (For my purpose) In other words it works perfect for my needs.

It would be really great to get UR listening without touching the device (mic button)!!

I tried to realize this by using Tasker but it doesn’t work? Tasks:
ur://intent/remote:franka.ICRIIKeys (my UR-Remote, that is working)
ur://intent/device:listen (Unified Remote should go to listen?)

I would really prefer to push a remote button like than to say “Hello Google” every time.
Does everyone know if this is possible? Pressing a button on a blue tooth device would be also ok?

Dear UR development Team – please implement the functionality to press the mic-button (listening)
by a remote button like if not done already - than please let me know how to proceed …

Thanks for any other help with this topic
have a nice day