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    Version 1.1 released. Offers 18 new long press actions.
    The layout has not been changed.

    Comparing to the previous version short actions,
    Reload Original Image function (red button) has become a long press action.
    A short tap action under this button is Change Image Size / Aspect

    One long press action is not working properly.
    It is "Open the favourite image". It works only when Irfan View current directory is the same as the file location. It will be modified or replaced with another function.

    Folder down / up work only with the same level folders (no level up). The functions display the first image.

    The last blue button starts Irfan View. The location of the program is set to the default install path in Windows. It may be changed if the path is different.

    The name of the remote has been changed to Irfan View Advance.
    It could be simply "Irfan View", but I know there was a different remote named "Irfan View".

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    Everything was working after the last reconnection, for about two months. Yesterday I decided to update the Android app. Since then I cannot connect both devices. I have rebooted both Android and Windows.
    The PC manager says that everything is working properly, the log displays no errors.
    However Android says only "Could not sync", "Connection problem", "Remote not found" etc. The saved server is stored in the Android app and no new servers found.
    I want to ask if there is everything correct with the connection ports. Have they changed? Should I re-install the server?
    <img src="http://abrimaal.pro-e.pl/network/uni-rem-ports.png">
    I restarted the server again and it could not start at all this time (ports in use).
    <img src="http://abrimaal.pro-e.pl/network/uni-rem-port-in-use.png">
    What should I do now?

    Replied to myself a day after:
    Before you get out of yourself, break your Android into pieces, check if you are connected the the proper WiFi. Something stupid and malicious disabled WiFi in the general system settings. Everything works.

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    They added Alt+K for screen rotation in the recent version, this will be enough.

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    I found that some remotes use internal numeric commands, set as local variables.
    How to read these commands from Windows applications?
    They are used for example in Pot Player remote, but I need to know what is the command to rotate screen 90 deg left (270 deg).
    There is no keyboard shortcut, so I cannot use keyboard.press or keyboard.stroke

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    Yes, with this slash "/" it works.
    What is the difference between os.open and os.start? Start applies to .exe files?

    I want to open a playlist in a selected application (not in the system default). How to do this?

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    Please, tell me what is wrong here? I want to make a quick launcher for some programs, files, playlists.

    local keyboard = libs.keyboard;
    local win = libs.win;
    [email protected] run viewer
    actions.run_viewer = function ()
    os.open("C:\Program Files\Media\IrfanView\i_view32.exe");
    [email protected] run player
    actions.run_player = function ()
    os.open("C:\Program Files\Media\Pot Player\PotPlayer.exe");
    [email protected] open a file
    actions.playlist_a = function ()

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    Please do something with the server updater on the PC. The user is informed that the update is available. He downloads the new version, clicks to install and sees that he should manually close the app, like in 2004. The app icon is often not shown in the tray, but it is set to be "always shown". He uses Task Manager to close the current instance.
    Installation proceeds. The user is informed that he has to wait a minute
    installer image
    The minute takes about 10 minutes. Then he is informed that he has to restart the whole system (like in 1998!!!!). Another 20 minutes to restart a well-organized PC.
    The user tries to find the manager, it was always in the Program Files as a .html file. The file displays a blank white screen. At last he finds the recently used Manager in the browser history.
    Reloading remotes takes a second, but not all remotes are shown. He notices that all custom remotes are backed up in the Backup folder. He copies the remotes to the correct folder, reloads the list and almost everything is found.
    Then he runs the Android app. Auto reload is active, so immediately the remotes are synchronized. But again, some remotes are not displayed. In the Manager he sees that there are some errors in the logfile. He fixes the errors or removes the problematic remotes.
    Now Android sync again
    Android sync
    15 minutes passes and still the same message. He needs to search for server, although it is the same PC. After some time both computers are connected.
    Four hours passes to see the remote he is developing to test it on Android.
    Custom remote

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  • abrimaal

    Remote for Irfan View dedicated for viewing photos

    Remote Name

    Irfan View'er


    • folder browser with navigation
    • full screen on - off, this button also selects the desired folder in the browser
    • manual previous - next image
    • rotate left - right
    • zoom out - in
    • cursor keys for zoom and browser navigation
    • flip horizontal - mirror view
    • random image in the current folder
    • darken - brighten (gamma adjustment)
    • view in greyscale
    • restore original view
    • no delete file button
    • buttons in colour, grouped by their functions


    • works with any version of Irfan View 3.xx, possibly with earlier too


    • No setup required, just open any folder with images in Irfan View


    • Planned to define the root folder in the browser where photos are located.
    • Brighten and darken functions are called by pressing a sequence of keys. It causes displaying the image adjustment window for a fraction of second. If it is possible to use internal Irfan View commands, it will be changed.
    • Random image button can be replaced by start / stop slideshow







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