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    First of all thanks for finding a bug!
    If it is clear that this post have not been read the report will be removed

    Write a clear Report

    To make the bug section as useful as possible it is important that you provide as much details about the bug you have found. Write everything you think would be useful to know both for the developers that should fix the problem and for others to find your bug report. If the report is not clear it will be removed. A list of things that should be in the report is:


    • Device OS, version
    • Server OS, version
    • Unified Remote Server version
    • Unified Remote app version



    Answer additional questions

    If you create a bug report make sure to go in and check if anything has changed or there is any additional questions often. If there is anything unclear about a bug report and a question is not answered within one week the report will be removed.


    Search before posting. If a report is duplicated the second report will be removed without any additional messages.

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    Chinese (Simplified)

    • store: updates needed
    • android: complete


    • store: updates needed
    • android: n/a


    • store: updates needed
    • android: n/a


    • store: updates needed
    • android: n/a


    • store: updates needed´
    • android: n/a


    • store: updates needed
    • android: n/a


    • store: updates needed
    • android: n/a

    Portuguese (Brazil)

    • store: updates needed
    • android: complete


    • store: updates needed
    • android: n/a

    Spanish (Spain)

    • store: updates needed
    • android: updates needed

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    The rules are simple if the thing you would like to discuss does not fit in any of the other categories and it has anything to do with Unified Remote then the General section is for you!

    However, it should not be used for regular support questions.

    More rules will be added if needed :)

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    Template for sharing a project.

    # Remote Name
    Provide a clear description.
    ## Features
    * Some
    * Features
    * Listed
    * Here
    ## Requirements
    * Any
    * Special
    * Requirements
    ## Setup
    1. Steps
    2. To
    3. Setup
    ## Todo
    * Things
    * To
    * Improve
    ## Download
    [Remote Name](<link>) use "file upload" to get link
    ## Github
    link to your github page, if relevant
    ## Screenshots
    screenshots, use "file upload"

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    Over the years that we've been developing Unified Remote we've tested many different tools and platforms getting input from you (our users) - which we really appreciate! Some things have worked well, some have not. Internally we've been talking about building an awesome developer oriented community and this is something we constantly hear from our users that they want.

    What is it

    Our goal is to provide a place where Unified Remote users can:

    • Discuss and share custom remotes
    • Discuss and post feature/remote requests
    • Help translate Unified Remote to other languages
    • Ask relevant questions on how to use features or develop custom remotes

    What is it NOT

    The community does not replace our normal support channels (Facebook, Twitter, Support Tickets). Do not post common support issues here (for example: license does not work, connection does not work, etc). See the introduction topics in each category for more details.

    • Not a general discussion forum (let us know if you want this)
    • Not a general support channel (use our normal channels instead)

    How you can help

    Help us build an awesome community. Most importantly, contribute if you can! If you have any custom remotes that you're using (no matter how simple or advanced) please share them so that other users can try them. We'll be sure to recognize and reward users that are actively contributing and helping out to grow the community :)

    • Keep the community clean and friendly
    • Share your custom remotes
    • Provide constructive feedback
    • Upvote good topics, downvote bad topics
    • Let us know how we can make this community better!

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    Creating a Custom Remote

    Our goal is to provide comprehensive tutorials for creating custom remotes. For now, there are a couple of tutorials on our main website and documentation on github.

    Installing a Custom Remote

    1. Download the zip file for the custom remote
    2. Open the server manager: http://localhost:9510/web
    3. Drag-drop the zip file into the manager

    Sharing a Custom Remote

    Also see the this remote for an example on what it could look like.

    • Features
      A list of the current features of the remote. Be detailed this will help the users of the remote to know what they are downloading.

    • Configuration
      If there is any special configuration or installation steps required to use the remote.

    • Requirements
      If any special software or operating system is required to make the remote work.

    • Todo
      A list of things that is planed to be added to the remote in the future. If this list is kept up to date people do not need to ask in the thread for things that is already planed.

    • Download Link
      Add a link to the latest version of the remote for easy download. Do not use any upload sites that requires a account or waiting to be used. If unsure use the provided file upload feature of the community.

      • Uploading files
        Use the built in file uploader to upload all files. Up to 10MB are allowed. If more is needed please let us know. To upload the files as a zip file that contains all the needed files for a remote before you submit.
        Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.06.43 copy.png
    • Github
      It is preferred if all remotes are published on Github our similar since this will help the community grow. If it is published please add a link.

    • Screenshots
      Add a few screenshots of the remote to help users see what they should expect when downloading the remote.

    Sharing Code Snippets

    For short code snippets, you can use a code black instead of attaching a file.


    This makes it easy to view and copy the code.

    remote.foo = function ()

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    • Do not make changes to English (US), except for typos or grammatical errors.
    • Do not add or remove string entries (android).
    • Do not translate "description_nolocalize.txt".
    • Do not translate or modify lines beginning with # (for example: #PERMISSIONS).
    • Some words do not need to be translated (for example: IR, NFC, etc.)

    Making a submission

    You should post a new topic in this category with your files. Alternatively, if you have a github account, you can submit your changes via a pull-request instead. Do not submit your files as a reply to this topic.

    Partial submissions

    Please only submit complete translations. Partial submissions are allowed for the following:

    • "store" only
    • "android" only
    • "strings_localize.xml" only

    Where to find the files

    The "official" resource files can be found on our github page.

    You should download the latest version from there before beginning to work on changes or a new language. Simply click "Download ZIP" to download all of the latest language files.

    File Structure

    Each language has a separate folder. The sub-folder called "android" contains strings used in the android app. The sub-folder called "store" contains texts used for all app stores (App Store, Play Store, etc.)


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    • Do not submit requests as replies to this topic
    • Submit 1 request per topic so it is easy to distinguish between them

    Find the right place to post your request

    If you have an idea for a new remote, we have a subcategory for it. Same applies to new devices for Unified TV and feature requests for any of the existing remotes. Make sure you post your request in the right place!

    Search before posting!

    Before posting a new request, make sure you search for a similar request!

    Upvoting existing requests

    If you find a request that you like then make sure you upvote it. Open the request, and click the "up" arrow in the top right corner.


    Submitting new requests

    We welcome all requests concerning anything that has to do with Unified Remote. For example:

    • App or server feature
    • Server library (for remote development)
    • Website/community improvements
    • New or improved remote(s)

    We also welcome requests for new devices or features for Unified TV.

    Provide details

    Include as much detail as possible to make your request clear. For example, if you are requesting a remote, make sure you include relevant links, details about which actions/buttons you would like, and any research material or documentation that you can find.

    If your request is about a feature then please include relevant screenshots or proposals for what you would like to have changed. The easier you make it for us, the more likely it will be that your request will be fulfilled.

    Bad or duplicate requests

    If you find any requests with lacking details, or duplicate requests, please make sure you flag the request for moderation so that the moderators can look into it.


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    Search before posting a question

    Before posting a new question, make sure you search for a similar question!

    What kind of questions are allowed

    Questions that have a clear answer that can help others is allowed.
    Example: "How do I make a button that executes a keyboard shortcut?"

    Write detailed questions

    To get a good response make sure you detail what you are looking for spend some time writing a clear question.

    What kind of questions are NOT allowed

    If you have personal technical issues please use the help section of the webpage: https://www.unifiedremote.com/help.
    Example: "How to connect to server?"

    How to ask a question

    When asking a question submit the question as a question by clicking the small arrow next to the submit button and select ask question. Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 13.18.44.png

    Upvoting questions

    If you find a question that has not been answered that you think is important or an answer that worked for you upvote it.


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