• Anton Steinberg

    No need to be sorry^^ it still doesn't work. But i noticed the screen flicker when i try the remote.
    The Raspberry launch without Gui, so it would even work if I could send just a text with "kodi" and it would hit enter afterwards.
    As i said, it's my first encounter with Linux, Lua and so on.

    Update 11.07.2017 : Long story short: Permissions
    I figured out what went wrong. After a lot of trying i decided to create a new Custom Remote instead of modifying the "Run"-Remote. Afterwards the whole copy and adjusting precess (i wanted to try the kb.press funktion and enter every single letter individually), I noticed Unified would not recognize the new Remote... So i started to dig deeper and restartet the Server manually with "sudo". Now everything was on place and Ready to use. The funny part: If i launch the Unified Server with sudo, the remotes wont work after Kodi launched. So i have to launch Unified manually with sudo to apply changes and then restart (even if Unified launches with sudo inside the /etc/rc.local..).
    Thanks anyway for your time and your efforts^^

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  • Anton Steinberg

    As I said, it's not Windows... The OS is Raspbian (it's a slitghly modified version of Debian).
    I tried to launch it with os.start("/usr/bin/kodi") but it's not working too.

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  • Anton Steinberg

    first sorry for my bad english.
    I'm trying to figure out how to launch some programms via a costum Remote but it just won't work.
    This whole matter is new to me so please be kind to me.
    My Raspian is set to be running a small Minecraft-server for my kids it also has Kodi and Retro-Pie installed.
    The Unified-server is booting on startup and works fine with the standart Remotes.
    It's hooked up to our TV and sometime we want to watch a Movie or play some old Snes games.
    In the past i had to open a keyboard remote and write "kodi" or "emulationstation" manually so it would open.
    My problem is i want to launch them via one tap but i cant's figure it out.
    I have searched for 2 day now but didn't find anything works.
    Can anyone please help me?

    I already tried to set the Example/Run Remote to os.start("kodi") or os.execute("kodi") but nope.
    Do I miss something?

    Thanks anyway^^

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