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    I've written a custom remote where I want to launch some programs in my windows system... Looking at others remote it seem that the right way is to use os.start...

    The strange behavior is that most of the time this software doesn't have focus after start.
    I've also try to implement some sort of action.switch (like others in bundle remotes with win.switchtowait("foobar2000.exe");) but I wasn't able to give to the app the focus and have it top of other windows! I'm on Windows 10.

    I've also noticed that the standard Chrome remote have this issue... If I launch Chrome but other programs is opened chrome it is not the focused and first visible app.

    More strange is that if I use my action.switch before a keyboard command, like my toggle_fullscreen actions it seem to work.

    Have no one this problems?

    This is a portion of my code.

    [email protected] Start Foobar
    actions.start_foobar2000 = function ()
    [email protected] Start Kodi
    actions.start_kodi = function ()
        os.start("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Kodi\\kodi.exe");
    [email protected] Start Amazon Prime
    actions.start_primevideo = function ()
        os.start("chrome", "--start-fullscreen", "--app=https://www.primevideo.com/");
    [email protected] Toggle fullscreen
    actions.toggle_fullscreen = function ()

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