• BenW

    Ok, I've searched the community for "Plex", looked through the FAQs, and attempted to contact Unified Remote for help, but it appears the only option to communicate with them is via social media (Facebook and Twitter) which I do not have.

    So looks like my only option here is to post on this community forum.

    How on earth do you get Plex working with Unified Remote?

    I can see that there are 3 different remote options, I assume "App W10" is what I want as the other two are now obsolete.

    When I go to configure it asks me for "key" and "Value", I have no idea what these things are.

    If someone could write a step by step guide on how to set it up that would be great, cause I can't find anything on this site, reddit, or google in general.

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  • BenW

    Yeah what's going on with this??

    I thought Unified Remote worked with Plex.... am I missing something?

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