• Bob Maartin

    So, i've installed the x64 version on my Debian 8 (no custom firewall rules).

    The installation doesn't show any error message but after starting the urserver-start file (with terminal as root) there comes this message:

    copying user files
    backup remotes
    create custom folder
    copying remotes
    cat: /root/.urserver/urserver.pid: No such file or directory
    starting server
    notify-send not available
    /opt/urserver/urserver: error while loading shared libraries: libbluetooth.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    opening manager

    "ok...." i thought, "maybe there is no process and it should look like this.. and there is no bluetooth interface.. so who cares the library exception?"

    but trying to connect via webinterface or android app does not work.

    Some questions:
    Should i find a service running under the service list of my system?
    Does this looks like a normal start and i only have to modify my firewall rules? (if so, TCP and UDP only?)

    Bob M.

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