• Brad Watson

    You might want to check out the post I just made. It might fix your problem. http://community.unifiedremote.com/topic/786/server-crash-on-windows-10

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  • Brad Watson

    I was having periodic server crash issues and I figured out what the issue was. I had grabbed some of the code for the Spotify advanced remote to create a custom remote that included the "now playing" info and album artwork. In the common.lua, I have the function "get_cover_art_url" from the advanced spotify remote.

    The URL it's using is "https://embed.spotify.com..." and sometime in the past few weeks, Spotify started re-directing that to "https://open.spotify.com...". Well, for some reason, the re-direct seems to crash the server periodically AND the artwork stopped showing up in my remote. I changed the URL and everything is working again with the server is not crashing.

    I'm leaving this here in case this helps someone else troubleshoot and perhaps the UR team is interested in sorting why having a URL redirect happen to that function crashes the server. Cheers!

    Here's the corrected get_cover_art_url :

    function get_cover_art_url (uri, callback)
        local url = "https://open.spotify.com/oembed/?url=" .. uri;
        http.get(url, function(err, resp) 
            if (err) then
                callback(err, nil);
                local json = data.fromjson(resp);
                local result = utf8.replace(json.thumbnail_url, "cover", "320");
                callback(nil, result);

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