• cage123au

    Will the developers please address the fact that PLEX does not work in this app. Plex Home Theater is NOT the current player for PLEX. The current player is PLEX Media Player.

    Plex Home Theater has been discontinued.

    It is wrong to promote this application as a player for PLEX. IT DOES NOT WORK....

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  • cage123au

    Hi, while I cannot answer your question, I am also finding PLEX utterly useless out of the box.

    The other one I use a lot is EyeTV and that seems perfectly fine, PLEX just does nothing.

    As an avid PLEX user in my house this was one of the main reasons I bought this full product so I could allow my wife something easy and useful to use.

    Can we get some feedback from either the community or the developer on what is happening. Once I get my Apple receipt, I will be submitting a help request. I doubt I will get a reply without one.

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