• Darren Dickens

    I have installed Unified Remote Server (v3.6.0.941) on my Windows 7 64-bit PC. I turned my Windows 7 PC off (shutdown). On my Android phone I have installed the Unified Remote app (v3.9.0) from the Google PlayStore. With the PC turned off I run a Wake On LAN app on my phone to turn the PC on. When it boots it stays at the "User Logon" screen waiting for me to enter my password. At this point my Android app cannot see the Unified Remote Server so I can't run the Android app to shut the PC down. If I log into my Windows 7 PC and get to the normal desktop then the Android app can see the Unified Remote Server, at which point I can select the shut down option.

    I wanted (being lazy) to be in the living room and turn the PC on by Wake On LAN, run Kodi on my Android TV box to play videos off my PC onto my TV. When finished I wanted to use the Android Unified Remote app to shut the PC down. This does not work since I need to log on to the PC to be able to use the Android Unified Remote app to shut the PC down. If I am having to log in I might as well just select the shutdown option on the logon screen.

    Question - Is it possible to get the Windows Unified Remote Server to start running without having a user log in? I tried moving the registry key HKCU\Run\Unified Remote v3 (so runs on user login) to HKLM\Run (thinking it would run on system startup) but that didn't work.

    Before raising this question I did do a search and read some connection issue FAQs but none seemed to be related to my question.


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