• David Parks

    I got it working! Using os.start worked, but script.default failed. This command in remotes worked:

    os.start('bash', '-c', 'my_script.sh');

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  • David Parks

    I'm creating a subprocess in a bash script I'm running, I'm executing it this way from Unified:

    bash -c "my_script.sh"

    my_script runs some sub processes using:

    my_command &

    This works from a bash command line just fine, but when I run it from Unified no scripts will run after it until I kill the my_command process.

    I've tried to disown the process, my_command has the system process as its parent, and I still encounter the problem.

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  • David Parks

    I'm new to Unified Remote and am trying to decide whether to buy a few licenses or not.

    What I need to achieve is to execute a script remotely from my phone and I need to pass a couple of simple numeric parameters to the script.

    I understand that I can generate a button that executes the script, but I don't see any references to how I would send the parameters.

    If it's not a built-in functionality perhaps I would just create a keypad set of buttons that execute scripts and store the values in an environment variable or file? Any recommendations if this is the right approach?

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