• Dayne Putnam

    I use tasker in conjunction with unified remote to do a crazy amount of tasks.
    The one thing I would like to see is the tasker plugin for acting on UR events to also have a variable for the event key used. something like %ureventkey would be perfect.

    The reason on why I want this is I have a widget that uses about 20 tasker tasks, and creating a profile for every button is tiresome.

    The way I have another similar profile setup is like this

    Profile: Autoremote All Messages > Task: Perform Task(Message)

    This would simplify and make UR's tasker integration a bit stronger

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  • Dayne Putnam

    This seems like having multiple widgets would create a lot of mess and extra unnecessary profiles for tasker.

    I know tasker allows you to call tasks directly from other programs if you use their api, is there a reason on why you don't use this approach?

    Current method
    Create tasker profile for 1 action, add task to profile. Open UR > edit widget > remote device >Tasker > type Task name in

    Using Api method
    Open UR > edit widget > remote device >Tasker > Select Task from dropdown

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  • Dayne Putnam

    I am trying to call a tasker task from a widget button.
    The tasker task is named "Sleep", and Tasker has external access enabled.

    What I did is Deice Action > Tasker > "Sleep"

    This doesn't seem to work, how should I be doing this?

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  • Dayne Putnam

    How exactly do you launch tasker tasks?

    I tried to type in my task name, but that doesn't seem to work.

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