• Dodgeboy121

    First off I have the full version of Unified Remote .. I do not yet have my USB-UIRT Blaster but i do plan to get one
    if i can know it will work properly for what i want ...

    when i put my windows 10 PC to sleep via unified remote .. of course i cant yet wake up the pc with the app
    or sign in ... but when i try to wake up my pc with my standard mouse i get no video signal until i hard shut down the pc
    and reboot. all my devices come back the computer wakes up and everything is normal except the video signal...
    not really sure why that is .. maybe a bug? maybe a Microsoft measure of protection ? anyone know how to fix the issue?

    i am running a 4k tv as my monitor and i have with a dp to hdmi2 cable.. i dont think that would have anything to do with it .

    my hopes is to eventually be able to turn on the power with the app ... im hoping the blaster will do that if anyone knows differently advice would be greatly apperciated on any of these subjects. thank you.

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