• dyallo

    I really miss being able to use asynchronous callbacks in my remotes.
    For instance, I have this neat powershell script that can fade the volume from X% to 0% over Y minutes. Then it turns off my powered speakers and my lights in my apartment (wifi electrical sockets ftw)
    But If I call that powershell script using lua within Unified Remote, the Unified Remote app hangs completely (not the GUI) because the remote is waiting for the powershell script to return, which can take a lot of time (depending on what I set it to)

    I feel like using javascript and node would make more stuff easier and possible.
    What was the considerations in the beginning of UnifiedRemote?

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  • dyallo

    Ok! I use remote.lua to call on my own custom made powershell script. It works great! I can set "Start Fade After X minutes" and a "Fade over Y minutes" and then both my active speakers (own socket) and mood lights shut off using Orvibo S20 WiFi electrical sockets.
    Problem is it's blocking because I'm fading in a while.

    I havent used nircmd, but using that I could to a interval timer (timer.interval) that repeats itself every X milliseconds.
    Thanks for the tip

    edit - wait no i cant.. because I need to be able to get the current system volume first to know how much % to fade by each tick towards zero volume.

    do you know of a way to get the volume?

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  • dyallo

    I'm a fairly decent programmer, I could do this on my own but I'm wondering if Unified Remote exposes some nice API's or if there is any way to reuse the UR driver to do stuff on my computer.

    How would you go about doing something like this?

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