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    # Elite Co-Pilot
         Custom keybinds for Elite Dangerous Game. 
         Remote uses two tab's to seperate functions, hopefully this helps keep it easy peasy.
    ## Features
        * Target / Subsystem Selection
        * Sensor Range
        * Eject HeatSink / Cargo
        * Automatic Weapon Slot Firing
        * Quick Panel Access
        * Lights / Flight Assist / Silent Run
    ## Requirements
        * 7zip
        * Elite Dangerous
    ## Setup
     1. extract file (http://www.7-zip.org/download.html) to one of the following folders:  
      * Windows: C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Custom
      * Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Unified Remote/Remotes/Custom
      * Linux: ~/opt/urserver/remotes/custom
     2. Open the Unified Remote Server and Restart it.
       **NOTE: If it doesn't show up, make sure you have added the folder Settings/Remotes.
    ## Todo
         * More/Improved Buttons
         * Improve Smaller Screen Interface

    Download Links: (Requires 7zip to extract archive)
    Elite Co-Pilot.7z

    Screen Shots:
    Screenshot_20170117-035049.jpg Screenshot_20170117-035107.jpg

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