• FatalRewind

    I've recently purchased unified remote for android and I'm having a few issues with the basic input remote. If possible, I would like a custom version or a few changes made.

    I'd like the L button to drag/hold instead of a long hold on the trackpad. I'm constantly selecting unwanted text.

    Can the white scroll bars be removed when displaying the L and R mouse buttons?

    Can the background tutorial text be removed?

    I would like the option to remove the Win Ctrl Shift buttons with the user keyboard is displayed.

    Stored text above the keyboard should be deleted after a short display time. It is getting entered if I press the power button on my android phone or change the orientation. I would prefer to have more space for the keyboard and trackpad on the screen at the same time in landscape mode.

    I'm really happy with the speed and smoothness of the app compared to others.

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