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    Hi, i keep getting errors and having issues with running and configuring Unified Remote on multiple computers that are all on the same network. Either the listening port of the servers is already occupied by the other server. When running one server it works ok, but still keeps timing out and having to reconnect every x number of minutes, and reconnecting then takes like forever. I have unified remote on anndroid granted full permissions and controls, wifi always on, keep connection alive, keep wifi alive, and still keep timing out. I have tried using different ports for every server and forward each port to the correct computers ip with my router setting. But he server is sooo incredibly buggy, that it either doesnt save settings, or any other port other than 9511, 9512, 9513 just wont work. Ive used this remote on several nerworks, with single computer/device config, to multiple devices. And its always buggy. This is not what i paid for at all, and most of the times i find myself frustrated with either all widgets that are randomly failing to, load, or waiting for this remote to actually connect and find something just so i can change the movies im watching.

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  • Frequency Bender

    Had this problem two times now, and im fed up with it. I am randomly getting a failed load widgets error, where all my widgets have turned to a red square and all controls, buttons and actions are gone. How can I solve this, instead of exporting my widgets to a text file, which is highly ineffecient and annpyingoying when working with 9 widgets or so. Please help, thanks!

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