• Ibrahim Jadoon

    Anybody? Is this not a feature? :( Might as well ask for a refund.

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  • Ibrahim Jadoon

    Haha, this is awesome. :D Nicely done.

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  • Ibrahim Jadoon

    I've tried almost every action I can think of. The only way to re-connect is by entering the UR app and 1) tapping the server in the Server list or 2) Status -> Force Connection.

    There's no other workaround I've found. Oddly, this whole time, the app thinks it is connected!

    See this screenshot here

    But, still no actions are passed through and the server still thinks it is disconnected. :( Anybody have any ideas?

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  • Ibrahim Jadoon

    Hi. I'm using UR 3.5.5 on my OnePlus One (Android 5.1.1; Cyanogen OS 12.1) with UR (40) on my Windows 8.1 Pro x64 desktop PC.

    I turn my computer to sleep and wake it up using Tasker (with the Unified Remote plugin & WOL). However, when it wakes up, the UR server doesn't automatically reconnect with my phone. See this screenshot here.

    Because it doesn't reconnect, I can't send any more commands. What I've tried already:

    1. Restart both app and server program. No dice.
    2. Restart phone and PC. No dice.
    3. Reinstall both phone app and server program. No dice.
    4. Reserve DHCP for both phone and PC. No dice.
    5. Enable "Keep Alive" in the UR phone app settings. No dice.
    6. Reinstall UR server program with "Windows Service (Experimental)" checked. No dice.
    7. Ask UR (via Tasker) to change server to my server. No dice.

    The only way to get it to reconnect is to open the UR app and tap on my server. Then, it is connected. Is there a way to reconnect using Tasker?

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  • Ibrahim Jadoon

    I figured it out! This post by scuba65 clued me in. He said WOL was one of the few actions that didn't require the server app.

    That made me think...the power remote's actions ("Connecting...Disconnected") sounds like it was trying to connect to the server. But the server is offline (obviously...). So, in the Action setup, you can pick "Remote Action" (which I picked because WOL is definitely an action on the power remote) OR "Device Action".

    I checked out "Device Action" and, lo behold, a second WOL option. I tried this one and, bam wham shabam, it works perfectly: now Tasker instantly turns on the PC.

    tl;dr: For whatever reason, "Remote Action" -> "Power" has a WOL that doesn't work. Instead, use "Device Action" -> "WOL" and that works.

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  • Ibrahim Jadoon

    Hello! WOL is working perfectly from the Unified Remote (Full) app. I can tap "Wake on LAN" inside the Power remote and my PC starts up instantly.

    However, it's not working at all when I use Tasker. It just says "Connecting" for a few seconds and then "Disconnected". The PC doesn't turn on. I tested UR + Tasker with a "shutdown" task: no problems. It's just this WOL task that is failing.

    I set it like so: Task -> Plugin -> Unified Remote Full -> Edit Configuration -> Remote Action -> Power -> @wol (Wake On Lan) -> select my PC -> Done. This is what the Tasker task looks like.

    I test the Task. Good, Tasker begins the task.

    But then nothing happens for 3-5 seconds. Suddenly, UR pops up with "Connecting". It sits there for 5-10 seconds. And then finally it says "Disconnected".

    What have I done wrong? It works perfectly from the UR Power remote: one tap and the PC is instantly started. Why doesn't the action do the same thing? I'm on a OnePlus One (Android 5.1.1) on Cyanogen OS 12.1; the PC is a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H motherboard with an Intel I217-V NIC.

    I don't think the issue is with the hardware because the UR app + WOL works and Tasker + Shutdown works, but Tasker + WOL doesn't work. But, I'm open to any ideas.

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  • Ibrahim Jadoon

    Hello! I've connected Spotify and the Spotify Advanced remote works great; I can change the playlist with the remote. But, I don't see "open playlist" or "change playlist" as an action:


    Are playlists only supported in the remote and not as an action? I ask because I'm using Tasker, which can only use the actions.

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