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    I have a usb serial adapter connected to my mac. The adapter is also connected to the rs232 of my TV.
    Using coolterm I can connect and send e.g. POWR1 or POWR0 commands to my TV.

    How can I automate this usingUnified Remote?

    Thanks for helping out!

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    Hi David,
    Thanks for the update.

    In the mean time i have the iTach.
    Only tonight I did some simple testing. I have to admit even after only about a week, I had to dig deep in to memory... how was it again...??

    Anyway, I moved all our test dirs with Z906 code and put the original back in place.
    After some fidling it just started working. So I'm on track again.

    I also figured out that in Android app > preferences > IR (select & learn), I have to set / select the default IR (output) device. In this way I can select 'Built-in Blaster'.
    I need to double check if I can turn off wifi and still control using the built in blaster, but at least I notice a blue led flashing when I press a button, so I believe my Note 4 blasting also works.

    What I'm wondering now:

    1. I'd like to figure out more about the internal functioning of UR in conjunction with the Global Cache devices. More specifically if I can send the learnt codes from the iTach with the GC 100-6... It guess it should work.
      But then, how do I take the address of the 2nd Global Cache device into account??

    2. I also would like to know if the codes that UR learns are written into a *.remote file somehow. (like the Z906 codes in the *.lua file)

    Thanks again for helping out!


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    Thanks for elaborating;
    Yes, I'm mostly on OS X, but have win and linux at hand. Am now considering to have a go at IrScrutinizer,
    Tried to install on my mac, but doesn't seem to start.
    Have the win-version on a virtual machine now.
    I think it should be a big help, but remains that I need a IR capable of learning. I found 2 usb IR receivers at home, none of those seem capable of learning.
    Also considering to look into LIRC and WinIRC.

    Looking at USB-UIRT too.
    Would prefer if possible to quickly go out and buy some el cheapo learning capable receiver.
    Not sure where and if to be found easily.

    I already found the rmartijnr.eu site before. I think it's most of all OS X versions of helpers from Global Cache. Previously decided to prefer to stick with Global Cache original helpers, as I can easily do this within virtual machine. And thus avoid other difficulty..


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    Hi David,

    Here's my 2cents after giving it some thought:

    • I'm giving a try at a couple off apps doing more or less the same. It's not easy to properly compare and estimate complexity vs ease of use. Also price and platforms supported are important.
    • Creating your own layout is also a point, but I haven't even looked into it yet.
    • In a 2nd stage interaction with house automation is an important factor. Thinking of Agocontrol, OpenHab, KNX in general. Idea being that in the end you will use only your phone or some tablet to do all you want to do, and again not 2 remotes living next to each other.
    • For now I'm focusing on Unified Remote and MyUremote.
      It is not very positive that neither Philip Bergqvist nor Jakob Berlund are active on the forum. The moment I have 'something' working, I consider contacting support.
    • As I own an Onkyo TX-NR906 I know that this AV receiver is on the edge. Meaning that it supports TCP/IP, IR + RS232, but also meaning that I already found several remote apps that will support more recent types but not mine. This in spite of the fact that they're all based on the same communication protocol. (available on internet) So there must be some difference, but I have not pinpointed what exactly..
    • I also want to try to somehow limit the amount of time & money I need to invest to get 'something' going.

    For now I'm going to order the ZaZaRemote blaster / receiver, so that I at least am sure that learning will work.
    Is there any list of known working mobiles re: IR learning?
    I also intend to buy an iTach or iFlex + some cables. I found the information about the number of connections here on the iRule site.
    I'm also trying to get a hold on the Pronto extender.

    What type of Keene do you use?

    It seems to me that all this will take some if not a lot of time.
    Most of all I will invest more reading about UR and will try to find simple example paths to try and get on the road.

    I'm also convinced it is important to be on the same frequency.
    What I mean is, if I try to follow your examples -> Am I doing it the right way? On the phone / tablet (device) or the server?

    I have found that on the phone there are at least 2 ways to go:

    1. open UR > slide from the left > remotes > pick the Z906 & try to do your thing

    2. Using the widget, somehow I read about this method first and have been using this way most of the time, so this corresponds with your link to "How To Use IR"

    I will most certainly look into your link Custom IR (Offline), but I feel that imperatively I need to get IR blasting visible in a camera...

    Also thinking of wireshark to see what's happening, but I have no experience with this so am also afraid this will be a long winding road..


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    Hi David,

    Just a last question for the time being.
    It appears I also still have Dreamweaver CS5 on my macbook, so no worries there. Also Sublime Text seems ok.

    Now to the point:
    From your snippets above (these are the lua files right?) I read there's a distinct format difference between device <-> external device.
    From what I understand the external device = the UR server (correct ?)

    But then, where do we put the device lua files? They should be on the android device I gather? Are these then sync'ed somehow when the android UR is up?


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    I'm looking at some Pronto material, can have a TSU9600 fairly rapidly.
    Also looking at a RFX-9600 Serial Extender. Looks very powerful.
    Is the Serial Extender supported by UR?
    Can they be of use to me?

    (It looks like the Extender can replace the Global Cache on its own)


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    Thanks for your relentless support!
    Just to clarify, because I'm still completely in the dark:

    1. How do i make the distinction between the IR of the phone/tablet and the GC? I may be overlooking steps in rapid testing..
    2. Is there any way to send the codes from the server directly? (so as to pinpoint where we get lost)
    3. I installed the paid version on my 2nd Note 4 => No message whatsoever that it will make use of wifi or ir or whatever??? This strikes me as very odd, and makes me really think about compatibility with the Note4..
    4. As long as the Note 4 does not send out IR into the camera, direct use using the Note 4 will never work.
    5. Also I need to figure out another route e.g. a raspi (I have several) to see if I can get at least something going

    Thanks again!

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    I get a message on the phone..
    Could not perform send...

    But I also see an error in the log

    I agree, need a break.

    • I want to check what I need / can get to have learning capability.
    • preferably from GC, maybe also an iTach or Flex, not sure what's best yet
    • want to dig some deeper with LIRC or WINIRC to see where I get.
    • try other ways to at least get something going with UR

    Picture-8.png ..

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    I have the codes from the DB..
    Can you pm me for mail or?

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