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    I have used Unified Remote for a long time and I love it. I recently started trying to integrate it with Tasker. I have a mac and a pc I am trying to make go to sleep with unified remote as a task in Tasker.

    My Nexus 5x worked at first with Tasker with the pc but I couldn't get it to work with the mac. I thought this was strange because the Unified Remote app still works just not in Tasker. So, I tried my work phone, a Samsung J36V, It worked with both the mac and pc for about a day. It stopped working suddenly for seemingly no reason.

    Well, I did set up a remote server on my PC and Mac for Unified Remote using a static ip and port forwarding so that Tasker would still function with Unified when not connected to the local network. Also, just to use the Unified app remotely.

    This worked fine in the Unified app but when I tried to Use Tasker on my work phone, It took a long time for the computers to respond and shortly after, Unified in Tasker stopped working completely. I did manage to sleep each monitor a couple times with my phone connected to the cellular network but It took forever and only a random one of the two monitors would sleep. I switched it back to the local network which I thought might fix the problem, Unified Remote still wouldn't work in Tasker.

    Now, Unified Remote doesn't work in Tasker at all. Both phones, both computers. I tried reinstalling the Tasker and Unified apps and putting all the settings back to the way it was when it was working. Nothing.

    The Unified Remote app works fine.

    Any suggestions?

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