• koryjw32

    I have a spinal cord injury that affects my finger dexterity so I use unified server remote in order to use my touch screen phone as a keyboard. I have gotten this work on several different computers in several different locations. The problem is my new job does not have wifi.... Only wired internet. The PC I am using is windows 7 and I bought a USB Bluetooth plug in. I am able to connect my phone to the computers Bluetooth and I am even able to connect to the unified remote server. My only problem is when I go to the "Remotes" section on my phone it just says "Please wait while syncing...", I thought maybe I just had to be patient but it has been a hour and it still says that. I truly only need the basic input remote and nothing else. My phone is Android, Moto Z Play. If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!

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