• Mateus Oliveira

    So, I've just started with Unifed Remote. Server is up and running, and my mobile is connected.
    What I wanted to do was to control my Spotify (running on Android) using the desktop UR client. Spotify's desktop software is a RAM swallower, can't use it. And I want to stay connected on Android (because of EQ's), so Web Player Spotify would be a no-go.
    I enabled my Spotify account, but my Android's UR app, the Spotify remote seems to not recognize the songs are being played. I couldn't find the way to open Spotify remote dashboard on Desktop yet...
    I tried first running Spotify, then opening UR, tried the other way around too, tried restarting the server and reconnecting to Spotify... I'm not pretty sure I understood how this works...
    Could someone please enlighten me?

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