• mlucas

    Seems like Nathan323 is the only support for this project and he doesn't have the ability to update the code. Lots of questions go unanswered and updates to this project seem to be dead as of a couple of years ago. Problems go unfixed, such as one of mine from months ago.

    Is there a way to submit bug reports to the devs? Is there a way to contact them directly? Does this project even have devs any more?

    @nathan323 Do you have any contact with the devs or can you provide any insight into this?

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  • mlucas

    Are the devs ever active on the forums?

    Seems like they could chime in on this and answer a couple of the above issues in no time.

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  • mlucas

    I don't see any repos for Unified Remote's server / app code, otherwise I'd probably dig in there a bit. There are a couple notable things: The typed messages always contain the right number of characters, only contain characters from the sent message, and characters are always in the right order. The problem is that it's just not preventing duplication.

    I looked through the remotes github and see that Send Text calls keyboard.text, so I'm guessing that the app is sending the message character-by-character. Otherwise, enabling encryption in the server settings would require the entire message to be encrypted and it would only ever decrypt to the original string.

    If the server "types" a character before it was supposed to, then it seems like the server continues to type that character until it hits the correct index. If I had to guess, I'd say that it looks like some of the characters are received out of order, but the server doesn't attempt to stitch the original message together. Instead, it types characters that arrive too early until the server hits the correct index and then waits for later characters from there. The only thing that doesn't line up with that theory is the preservation of capitalization from the original string -- if I send 'AbCdEfG' and the server types 'cccgggg', it seems to always type 'CcCgGgG'.

    Anyway, if this theory is right, then it's a bug that prevents any guarantee of keyboard.text messages to be received with 100% accuracy. I'll think a bit more about this, but at this point, I'm stumped.

    Thanks again for your help @nathan323. If you or anyone else has more ideas, I'm happy to try them.

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  • mlucas

    Connected through the LAN, here are the results with Send Text:

    mlucas (x8)
    mlucas (x12)

    First one is weird, but it does look correct ~90% of the time over LAN. Now, with a fake password (This5Could$Be!A/Password):

    This5Could$Be!A/Password (x8)
    This5Could$Be!A/Password (x6)

    Again, looks right most of the time, but not perfect. Much better than Bluetooth, but still no guarantee of accuracy.

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  • mlucas

    Thanks for looking into this, Nathan. I'm getting inaccurate results, even with the "Send Text" remote. Are you connected via WAN or LAN? My ideal use case is to send via bluetooth, which is where I'm having problems. I haven't tested the other two.

    Here are a few examples of the phrase 'mlucas' sent over bluetooth using the Send Text remote:


    And "This5Could$Be!A/Password":


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  • mlucas

    I'm using a password manager (Keepass2Android) on my Android phone. When I try to use it to type a password on another computer using Unified Remote, the text comes out garbled.

    Is there a better way to send passwords with Unified Remote (accurately, without typos)?

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