• Mogul345

    I'm transitioning to a headless media server, and as part of this transition I've been using Docker to containerize all of the applications on the server.

    Try as I might, I am struggling to containerize the portable Linux version. I would be deeply grateful for an official docker container image, similar to what Plex has.

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  • Mogul345

    Device OS, version - N/A
    Server OS, version - Phusion's Base Ubuntu Docker image (https://github.com/phusion/baseimage-docker). It's based on Ubuntu 16.04.
    Unified Remote Server version - portable Linux x64
    Unified Remote app version - N/A
    Server logs - urserver.log Note: this is a log from executing ./urserver --pidfile=/config/pid --debug --config=/config/urserver.config --remotes=/remotes --daemon

    So, I'm attempting to build a Docker image for Unified Remote Server, using the portable Linux tarball. I wish to do the following:

    • Load the default remotes from /urserver/remotes
    • Make /remotes be the directory scanned for custom remotes
    • Make /config be the directory that contains urserver.log and urserver.config

    Both /config and /remotes are Docker volumes so they are not within the container filesystem, that way they can survive when containers are removed/recreated. I'm trying to use the --config=path/to/config parameter to point it to a configuration file in /config which I've hand modified to put the log file at /config/urserver.log and I've also tried to set the custom remotes default folder (the one that can't be modified) to /urserver/remotes to load the default remotes, and make /remotes the first entry in the list of other folders in which to look for remotes. This is the config file I hand rolled to attempt to do this.

    So my Docker image does the following when you execute docker run:

    • Copy the contents of the urserver-version.number directory in the tarball to /urserver in my container's filesystem.
    • Copy my hand rolled config file to /config
    • Start the server with ./urserver --pidfile=/config/pid --debug --config=/config/urserver.config --remotes=/remotes --daemon

    But when I do this, a config file and the log file are generated in /root/.urserver in my container's filesystem. In the generated config file, the only JSON block in it is for updates. Everything else about my custom server configuration is not loaded, and no remotes are loaded.

    What am I doing wrong? I know that my hand rolled config file isn't 100% of a complete config as reported by the web UI. But when I check out /root/.urserver/urserver.config on a clean start of the container the only thing in the file is the JSON block for update check settings. So I am making the assumption that I don't need to start with a complete configuration file.

    Any help would be appreciated. My Docker image can be found at https://github.com/dptsolutions/unifiedremote-docker. At the moment, after container startup using docker run, I'm using docker exec -it container_name /bin/bash to get a shell in the container, and starting urserver manually.

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  • Mogul345

    After years of using Unified Remote, I've built myself a new media server. The biggest change is I'm moving from Win 8.1 to Ubuntu Server, and I'm also Dockerizing all the applications on the server (Plex, Sabnzbd, Sonarr, etc.).

    Has anyone installed Unified Remote server on a headless linux server? Has anyone made a docker container for the Unified Remote server? I noticed that the Linux download said it was for desktop Linux. Does this mean that there are GUI dependencies that I will need? Since I'm running headless, I don't have X or any of the Ubuntu GUI packages installed.

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  • Mogul345

    The new server in this thread ( fixes the issue. Is this a preview build though? The main download link as of this post points to and thank goodness I stumbled upon this thread! I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what changed to my development environment.

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  • Mogul345

    I'm assuming you need the server to use the USB-UIRT? Is it the same server as my current Unified Remote server?

    I guess I don't understand the need for two apps? I'm assuming this is being built using the same mechanisms that exist for custom remotes that use IR? Honestly, the hardest part of making a custom remote that uses IR in the current app is the capturing of the codes. Is the value add here that you're just doing that for me?

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