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    Ok, I'm on Win7. Is there a particular element that doesn't work, or nothing works?

    Does the standard bundled Chrome remote work?

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    Please add remote for Beelink MXIII II android box.

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    For others, can you add this to your main listing of remotes please.
    It's prefect !!

  • It could be one of those registry changes that only take effect after a re-boot? as the registry is only read at boot by most programs.......

  • Ahh cheers man for reply.
    I will start learning about io.open.

    In the meantime someone from this post told me I could use:

    os.open = os.open or os.execute

    at the top of my remote if I wanted both to work :)

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  • I fixed this btw, using nircmd.

  • Cheers :)

    I have since found that this doesn't work for me with Netflix in particular. After a bit of investigating I found that the fullscreen border as Netflix perceives it is not as close to the full 1980 of my screen resolution, might be something to do with the embedded video player in the browser. I found 1910 was the magic number - where movement was captured, but cursor stays hidden.

    If anyone is interested, this works for Netflix (on monitor running 1980x1080 screen resolution):

    [email protected] move mouse netflix actions.movemouseflix = function() x,y = ms.position(); if (x == 1909) then ms.moveto(1910,1035); else ms.moveto(1909,1035); end end
  • Thanks @breevesdc

    Sorry @Hanan-Ricketts, I forgot to reply. The following is the newest version. Here is the zip.
    Most widgets are based on actions in the remote.lua, some are just created using the widget editor (eg. the single keystrokes)

    Screenshot_2016-08-02-17-55-05.png Screenshot_2016-08-02-17-55-09.png

    This is remote.lua -

    local kb = libs.keyboard; local keyboard = libs.keyboard; local win = libs.win; local ms = libs.mouse; local fs = libs.fs; local script = libs.script; local dev = require("device"); [email protected] Focus VLC application actions.switch_vlc = function() local hwnd = win.window("vlc.exe"); win.switchtowait("vlc.exe"); end [email protected] Focus Netflix site actions.switch_netflix = function() local hwnd = win.find(nil, "Netflix - Internet Explorer"); if (hwnd == 0) then return; end win.switchtowait(hwnd); end [email protected] TV Audio actions.tv_audio = function() kb.stroke("alt", "oem_period"); cd = script.batch("nircmd.exe setsysvolume 65535"); end [email protected] Realtek Loudness Equalization On actions.loudness_eq_on = function() cd = script.batch("nircmd.exe setsysvolume 65535"); end [email protected] Realtek Loudness Equalization Off actions.loudness_eq_off = function() cd = script.batch("regedit.exe /s C:/Users/NATHAN/Documents/# FIXES/Batch Files/Realtek - Loudness Equalization/Loudness Equalization - Off.reg"); end [email protected] PC Audio actions.pc_audio = function() kb.stroke("alt", "oem_comma"); end [email protected] alt+F4 actions.altf4 = function() kb.stroke("alt", "F4"); end ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected] start utorrent actions.startutorrent = function() os.open("C:/Users/NATHAN/AppData/Roaming/uTorrent/uTorrent.exe"); os.sleep (1500); kb.stroke("win", "left"); win.switchto("utorrent.exe"); end [email protected] utorrent snap actions.utorrent_snap = function() hwnd = win.find("SysListView322", nil); win.switchto(hwnd); kb.stroke("end"); end [email protected] utorrent begin actions.utorrent_begin = function() kb.stroke("shift", "F10"); kb.stroke("s"); end [email protected] start netflix actions.startnetflix = function() hwnd = win.find(nil, "Netflix - Internet Explorer"); if (hwnd == 0) then os.open("http://www.netflix.com/browse"); end win.switchto(hwnd); end [email protected] move mouse netflix actions.movemouseflix = function() x,y = ms.position(); if (x == 1909) then ms.moveto(1910,1035); else ms.moveto(1909,1035); end end [email protected] start internet explorer actions.internetexplorer = function() os.start("iexplore.exe"); end [email protected] Alt+D actions.altd = function() kb.stroke("alt", "d"); end [email protected] Ctrl+H actions.ctrlh = function() kb.stroke("ctrl", "h"); kb.stroke("home"); end ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected] open torrents actions.opentorrents = function() hwnd = win.find(nil, "Torrents"); if (hwnd == 0) then os.open("C:/Users/NATHAN/Documents/Torrents"); end win.switchto(hwnd); end [email protected] open tvshows actions.opentvshows = function() hwnd = win.find(nil, "TV Shows"); if (hwnd == 0) then os.open("D:/TV Shows"); end win.switchto(hwnd); end [email protected] open movies actions.openmovies = function() hwnd = win.find(nil, "Movies"); if (hwnd == 0) then os.open("D:/Movies"); end win.switchto(hwnd); end ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected] esc actions.esc = function() kb.stroke("escape"); end [email protected] left actions.left = function() kb.stroke("left"); end [email protected] right actions.right = function() kb.stroke("right"); end [email protected] up actions.up = function() kb.stroke("up"); end [email protected] down actions.down = function() kb.stroke("down"); end [email protected] home actions.home = function() kb.stroke("home"); end [email protected] end actions.endkey = function() kb.stroke("end"); end ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected] enterkey actions.enterkey = function() kb.stroke("enter"); end [email protected] backspace actions.backspace = function() kb.stroke("backspace"); end [email protected] move mouse vlc actions.movemousevlc = function() ms.moveto(1920,1035); kb.stroke("t"); os.sleep (500); kb.stroke("t"); os.sleep (500); end [email protected] context actions.context = function() kb.stroke("shift", "F10"); end [email protected] toggle vlc subtitles actions.vlcsubs = function() kb.stroke("shift", "v"); end [email protected] refresh actions.refresh = function() kb.stroke("F5"); end [email protected] Focus VLC application actions.switch = function() local hwnd = win.window("vlc.exe"); if (hwnd == 0) then actions.launch(); end win.switchtowait("vlc.exe"); end [email protected] vlc super play toggle actions.vlc_super_play_toggle = function() actions.switch_vlc(); keyboard.stroke("space"); kb.stroke("alt", "oem_period"); end [email protected] Toggle netflix super play toggle actions.netflix_super_play_toggle = function() keyboard.stroke("return"); kb.stroke("alt", "oem_period"); x,y = ms.position(); if (x == 1909) then ms.moveto(1910,1035); else ms.moveto(1909,1035); end end [email protected] pgup actions.pgup = function() kb.stroke("pgup"); end [email protected] pgdown actions.pgdown = function() kb.stroke("pgdown"); end [email protected] shift actions.shift = function() kb.stroke("shift"); end [email protected] pgdown actions.pgdown = function() kb.stroke("pgdown"); end [email protected] vlc restart media actions.vlc_restart_media = function() kb.stroke("s"); kb.stroke("space"); end [email protected] vlc jump backward actions.vlc_jump_backward = function() kb.stroke("ctrl", "alt", "left"); end [email protected] vlc jump forward actions.vlc_jump_forward = function() keyboard.stroke("ctrl", "alt", "right"); end actions.alttab = function() kb.down("alt"); kb.press("tab"); end [email protected] netflix next episode actions.netflix_next_episode = function() ms.moveto(1847,957); ms.click(); os.sleep (3000); ms.moveto(1910,1035); end [email protected] Enter Key actions.enter_key = function() kb.stroke("enter"); kb.stroke("alt", "oem_period"); cd = script.batch("nircmd.exe setsysvolume 65535"); end [email protected] netflix credits actions.netflix_credits = function() ms.moveto(300,300); ms.click(); end

    layout.xml -

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <layout> <tabs> <tab text="Latest"> <row> <button text="enter key" ontap="enter_key" /> <button text="vlc restart media" ontap="vlc_restart_media" /> <button text="vlc jump backward" ontap="vlc_jump_backward" /> <button text="vlc jump forward" ontap="vlc_jump_forward" /> <button text="vlc jump forward" ontap="vlc_jump_forward" /> <button text="netflix next episode" ontap="netflix_next_episode" /> <button text="netflix credits" ontap="netflix_credits" /> </row> <row> <button text="start utorrent" ontap="startutorrent" /> <button text="utorrent snap" ontap="utorrent_snap" /> <button text="utorrent begin" ontap="utorrent_begin" /> </row> </tab> <tab text="Page 1"> <row> <button text="netflix super play toggle" ontap="netflix_super_play_toggle" /> <button text="vlc super play toggle" ontap="vlc_super_play_toggle" /> <button text="loudness eq on" ontap="loudness_eq_on" /> <button text="loudness eq off" ontap="loudness_eq_off" /> <button text="pgup" ontap="pgup" /> <button text="pgdown" ontap="pgdown" /> </row> <row> <button text="PC Audio" ontap="pc_audio" /> <button text="TV Audio" ontap="tv_audio" /> <button text="alt+tab" ontap="alttab" /> <button text="alt+F4" ontap="altf4" /> </row> <row> <button text="netflix: track forward" ontap="trackforward" /> <button text="start netflix" ontap="startnetflix" /> <button text="move mouse netflix" ontap="movemouseflix" /> <button text="start IE" ontap="internetexplorer" /> <button text="Address" ontap="altd" /> <button text="History" ontap="ctrlh" /> </row> <row> <button text="open torrents" ontap="opentorrents" /> <button text="open tv shows" ontap="opentvshows" /> <button text="open movies" ontap="openmovies" /> </row> <row> <button text="esc" ontap="esc" /> <button text="left" ontap="left" /> <button text="right" ontap="right" /> <button text="up" ontap="up" /> <button text="down" ontap="down" /> <button text="home" ontap="home" /> <button text="end" ontap="endkey" /> </row> <row> <button text="enter" ontap="enterkey" /> <button text="backspace" ontap="backspace" /> <button text="move mouse vlc" ontap="movemousevlc" /> <button text="context menu" ontap="context" /> <button text="vlc subs" ontap="vlcsubs" /> <button text="F5" ontap="refresh" /> </row> </tab> </tabs> </layout>
  • Same problem here.

  • Ah ok, like the login option offered in this remote. Cool, cheers.

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