• Raiden

    I'm creating a remote for an emulator so I can play on my TV while my wife is on the computer. In order to target the emulator and not steal the focus or whatever she's doing I'm using win.post. I have got it working for single key strokes (e.g. F1), but can't work out how to do combinations (e.g alt+enter, or ctrl+G).

    How can I send a key combo? e.g. alt+enter

    Here's my code for a single key:

    local kb = libs.keyboard;
    local win = libs.win;
    local device = libs.device;
    -- Commands
    local WM_KEYDOWN = 0x100;
    local WM_KEYUP = 0x101;
    local VK_ESCAPE = 0x1B;
    local VK_F1 = 0x70;
    -- Key Simulation Helper
    function KeyHelper(vk)
        local hwnd = win.window("ePSXe.exe");
        if (hwnd) then
            win.post(hwnd, WM_KEYDOWN, vk, 0);
            win.post(hwnd, WM_KEYUP, vk, 0);
    [email protected] Command 1
    actions.command1 = function ()

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