• rbmcgee

    Anybody from UR willing to help me out?

    I know how to affect "button" and "label" color. What I'm trying to understand is how to affect the text's (either on a button or a label) color and, if possible, font size. I'm specifically looking for the exact syntax. I've tried multiple options and can't get it.

    For example:

    <button text="Wake" ontap="wake_bedroom" />

    <label color="green" text="Living Room" />

    I'm trying to affect the size and color of the texts above.

    If it can't be done or if it requires advanced coding, let me know so I can stop trying.


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  • rbmcgee

    I can't seem to target the color of the text. "Red" didn't work (not surprising based on your comments) but I can't seem to change the text color with other values as well.

    Is "text_color=" the correct syntax to target the label's text?
    What about the size of the text on a label? Would "fontsize=" or "textsize=" or something else?

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  • rbmcgee

    Thanks again whale-av.

    The only thing I'm not clear about is what should actually get placed after "label id= "

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  • rbmcgee

    FYI, I do understand that I would remove the "onTap" command

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  • rbmcgee

    Thanks for the response. I guess I was hoping for a more specific solution.

    As a follow-up, suppose I wanted just a white button, so it doesn't look like a button at all and I wanted the text to be red. Using this as an example, what would the command look like:

    <button text="Vol +" ontap="VOLUP" />

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  • rbmcgee

    Hi all,

    I'm creating a custom remote. I know how to create buttons and commands. What I can't figure out is the syntax to create a label. This is not text on a button but a static label that just helps to categorize buttons. Like if I had a label called "DVD Player" and then a bunch of buttons that controlled the DVD player.

    Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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  • rbmcgee

    My remote send a commandline argument to a program on the PC (Win7)

    In my case, the program I am targeteing is Girder. Girder is automation software much like Tasker (Android) or Eventghost (PC).

    The way it works are commands are created in girder. Since girder is so powerful and flexible and has so many plugins, girder can do almost anything (USB-UIRT, x10, programs, mouse and keyboard manipulation. Single commands and macros - a series of commands.

    "Eventstrings" are then attached to these commands. evenstrings (ie, triggers) can be anything, but one of the things an eventstring can be is a plain text word, such as "Word"..

    Girder installs an application named "event.exe". It is this app that listens for the word to arrive.

    I use girder to do many, many things.

    Last week I was lead to believe that Unified Remote was capable of sending the word, for example "Word" to girder from my phone.

    I use batch files all the time and the syntax is:

    C:\Programs Files (x86\girder32\event.exe -silent word
    (note: the argument "-silent" simply tells girder, or more specifically event-exe, not to show any emotion or flash any boxes. Unless you want to see event'exe doing its job, I place "-silent" or all eventstrings)

    When I click the batch file, it sends the word "Word" to event.exe and girder executes the associated program.

    This thread started as my request to understand how to get UR to execute the above command from my phone

    I have accomplished my goal. The problem is I'm not a software person. I don't understand these files or commands or any of the syntax. I'm not even sure if these files are technically correct. All I know it that they work.

    The great thing about this is that I've been using girder for 15 yrs +. My gml file (the file I created that contains all the commands and eventstrings) is very long and involved. My PC, running girder, is an automation extravaganza. It contains dozens and dozens of commands.

    Because UR can trigger girder commands on the PC, in effect, UR can execute almost any action. It's great.

    2 thoughts for this project:

    1. Seems my remote syntax is capable of sending a commandline argument to any program. I use it for girder but if I ever had the need to send an argument to any file, this syntax could be adjusted to work.
    2. If UR could spend extra effort of creating and documenting remotes attached to automation software on the PC (Eventghost, girder, there are others) then UR becomes an incredibly powerful tool that is capable or triggering any command that the automation software can create. Since automation software, running on a PC is inherently so powerful and flexible, it gives UR almost unlimited capabilities.

    NOTE: I'm not a developer, I don't have a website and there is nowhere for to host any of these files. If UR wants to grab these files, adjust them, document them, host them, please do.




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  • rbmcgee

    Sorry from above. I called you sharrk when I should have called you scuba. It is shark week though. Don't know when scuba week is.

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  • rbmcgee

    Well, when I started this thread I just wanted to get 1 activity set up. Once I got that one activity I was confident I could add the additional activities without problem. That is indeed how it worked out. Once I got a command, sent from the phone, to activate a girder command I was all set. The rest was just copying/pasting/adjusting.

    Once I got girder to open "Word", I knew I could get girder to do anything.

    I now can get UR to turn lights on/off, wake/sleep any computer, change channels on the TV ... anything. Since girder can basically do anything and now UR can control girder, UR can do anything.

    FYI, girder is basically to a PC what tasker is to an android. The difference is that a PC is faaaaaaaar more capable than a portable touch device. For the PC world, eventghost is similar, but I use girder.

    When I get a chance, I will place my files into the project template.

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  • rbmcgee

    Thanks very much shark for helping me out.

    Since my last post and this one, I've been googling, reading, learning and testing all about lua.

    Somehow, someway, I stumbled across my solution. Here's where I ended up. It may not be right, but it works.

    My answer was to create a "Girder" folder and place that folder in the "Custom" folder.

    Here is my meta.prop file:

    meta.name: Girder
    meta.author: rbmcgee
    meta.description: Control Girder from Android

    Here is my layout.xml file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <tab text="HTPC">
    <button text="All ON" ontap="ON" />
    <button text="All OFF" ontap="OFF" />

                <button text="Vol +" ontap="VOLUP" />
                <button text="Vol -" ontap="VOLDOWN" />
                <button text="Mute" ontap="MUTE" />
                <button text="HTPC" ontap="HTPC" />
                <button text="TV" ontap="TV" />
                <button text="Skip +" ontap="SKIPAHEAD" />
                <button text="Skip -" ontap="SKIPBACK" />
                <button text="Reboot HTPC" ontap="REBOOTHTPC" />
        <tab text="Kenwood">
                <button text="Vol +" ontap="VOLUPKEN" />
                <button text="Vol -" ontap="VOLDOWNKEN" />
                <button text="Mute" ontap="MUTEKEN" />
                <button text="Computer" ontap="KENCOMPUTER" />
                <button text="Radio" ontap="KENRADIO" />
                <button text="TV" ontap="KENTV" />


    Here is my remote.lua file:

    local script = libs.script;

    -- Documentation
    -- http://www.unifiedremote.com/api

    -- Script Library
    -- http://www.unifiedremote.com/api/libs/script

    [email protected] Command 1
    actions.ON = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent allon');

    [email protected] Command 2

    actions.OFF = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent alloff');

    [email protected] Command 3
    actions.VOLUP = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent vol+');

    [email protected] Command 4
    actions.VOLDOWN = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent vol-');

    [email protected] Command 5
    actions.MUTE = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent mute');

    [email protected] Command 6
    actions.HTPC = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent watchhtpc');

    [email protected] Command 7
    actions.TV = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent watchtv');

    [email protected] Command 8
    actions.SKIPAHEAD = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent skip+');

    [email protected] Command 9
    actions.SKIPBACK = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent skip-');

    [email protected] Command 10
    actions.REBOOTHTPC = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent reboothtpc');

    [email protected] Command 11  

    actions.VOLUPKEN = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent volupken');

    [email protected] Command 12
    actions.VOLDOWNKEN = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent voldownken');

    [email protected] Command 13
    actions.MUTEKEN = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent muteken');

    [email protected] Command 14
    actions.KENCOMPUTER = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent kencomputer');

    [email protected] Command 15
    actions.KENRADIO = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent kenradio');

    [email protected] Command 16

    actions.KENTV = function ()
    os.execute('"C:/Program Files (x86)/girder32/event.exe" -silent kentv');

    On the app, I open UR and choose the Girder remote, it loads, and the buttons do what they're supposed to do. Just an FYI, attached to the PC is a USB-UIRT and most of these UR commands execute a girder command, that, in turn, executes a blast of an IR code out of the USB-UIRT. My phone doesn't have IR capability, but the PC does. Now my phone has a remote that can control IR devices.

    Thanks for your help and I'm all set. Perhaps my effort and documentation can help someone else who is in a similar situation.

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