• savio

    Are you trying to add a custom IR remote using Unified Remote app (or Unified TV) ? Do let us know what you are exactly you are trying to do and your existing setup whether using IR blaster built into the phone or network based IR blasters ?

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  • savio

    Does Unified TV have learning facility where we can add our own IR remotes using Network IR Blasters (iTach GC Devices). It will be impossible for you to add all possible IR remotes for every IR device that exists on this planet and hence the requirement for IR learning with Unified TV.

    If you do have IR learning facility with Unified TV Android app, do post some material such as a user guide or how do we go about adding our own IR remotes especially if we capture and know our device IR Key codes. (whether in Pronto Hex or iTach GC format)

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  • savio

    As I do not use the Keene transreceiver product, I am unable to comment on it, but, understand that it also returns the code in Hex format which is native to the UR app.

    In my case the latest version of UR works well with some of my IR remotes --- where the target IR device does not need the IR code to be sent more than once. I am only facing problems when I need to send the same IR code twice or thrice to the target IR device.

    I use the iTach Capture Utility which captures the code from the physical remote via the iTach GC transreceiver over the LAN. This code is converted into Hex format via iTach Convert utility which I then cut and paste into the UR remote.lua file (based on the example given by the UR developer)

    I have sent my request to the UR developer to get the correct repeat syntax for the "@irsend" utility ---- no response from the UR developer to my request for over 3 months. Fortunately, the support at iTach GC is good and they are very responsive -- but, unfortunately, they cannot support me with the UR app as this is not their product. The support from UR developer is very poor even though my request is just to get the repeat functionality of the "@irsend" command.

    Because, of the poor support from the UR developer, I now use UR only as a Windows Remote Control and for my IR remote control needs - using another Android app called mbhRemote which meets all my IR requirements and works well with the iTach GC devices (with repeat functionality). I would recommend you to try out mbhRemote Android app -- though I may not be able to help you with mbhRemote-Keene integration (since I do not own the Keene product).

    In the meantime, I will try to use the double @irsend in the command sent by you recently and see if it works.

    Thanks for your support......Savio

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  • savio


    In that case, I come back to the code portion sent by you as above -

    Do I need to code as below based on your code snippet (sent by you) as follows - (assuming that I want to send the same IR code) 3 times to the Target IR Device (TV, STB, Blu Ray Player...) ?

    actions.vol_up = function ()
    libs.server.run ("@irsend", "0000......................2000");
    libs.server.run("@irsend", "0000.......................2000");
    libs.server.run("@irsend", "0000.......................2000");

    Please clarify the above whether my understanding is correct.

    My setup is similar to yours except that I am using iTach GC Network based Transceiver (instead of Keene). I have heard of Keene Network Blasters, but, do not have much knowledge about Keene Network based IR Blasters. iTach GC IR Transceiver is also Network based and has the learning facility as well. As I have mentioned in another post, the learnt IR code captured by iTach GC IR Transreceiver is in iTach GC IR format and needs to be converted into Pronto Hex Format and this can be done via many of the IR code converters available online. Code conversion is necessary because as you know Unified Remote App will only work with IR codes in Pronto Hex Format. For your information , both the above IR code formats are internationally recognized.

    I will send you a code snippet if you wish once I get Unified Remote App to work perfectly with iTach GC Network Blaster. Currently, I have achieved limited success in getting the integration with Unified Remote App and the iTach GC Network based IR Transreceiver Blaster

    By the way, does the IR code captured by Keene Network IR Transreceiver also in iTach GC format [OR] Pronto Hex Format ?


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  • savio

    Do not know if I can help you.

    My setup is that I am using iTach GC IR trans-receiver over LAN (IP over ethernet). This GC device is able to capture the IR codes from the physical remote in iTach GC format and then I use a converter tool to convert the IR codes from iTach GC to Pronto Hex format.

    The converted Pronto Hex IR code is then coded in the remote.lua file based on an example provided by the developer for Custom IR remote.

    I have heard of the Zaza Remote Micro USB dongle which you do mention and am keen to purchase one only for the Learning purpose.

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  • savio

    Thank you, David.

    Do I need to type the above syntax code exactly as you have given in the remote.lua file ?
    Obviously, I will use my captured IR Code in Pronto Hex format to replace the IR code contained in your syntax.

    Why have you used the "@irsend" command 2 times ? Does this mean the "@irsend" will be sent thrice to the target device becasue you have coded it twice in your syntax.

    In my case, I need to send the same IR code twice to the Target IR Device --- does this mean that I will have to code the "@irsend" only once ?

    Thanks, once, again......Savio

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  • savio

    Unified Remote does support iTach Global Cache devices and I have achieved limited success in integrating Unified Remote (Custom IR Remote) with iTach Global Cache devices.

    But, you need to know that iTach GC devices are using the IR codes in iTach Global Format whereas Unified Remote is using the IR codes in Pronto Hex format. Both these formats are internationally accepted IR formats, but, you will need to convert the formats to Pronto Hex - otherwise they will not work with Unified Remote. When you use the iTach GC Hardware device learning functionality, their devices will capture the remote codes (from your IR Physical Remote) in the iTach Global Format and you must convert this format to Pronto Hex format for Unified Remote to work successfully. UNIFIED REMOTE WILL ONLY WORK WITH PRONTO HEX FORMAT

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  • savio

    I would like to know the syntax of the @irsend command with repeat parameter as I am using a custom IR remote based on the examples you have provided on your website. Your examples do not demonstrate the use of the Repeat Parameter.

    Sometimes, some target IR devices need the same IR command to be sent twice or thrice in quick succession and if this is not done, they will not respond to the remote button pressed.

    For example, iTach Global Cache IR blasters have the following syntax of their "irsend command" (which is sendir) as follows -
    Example of sendir with repeat command - 4 times

    Note = The "4" in the above syntax demonstrates that the same IR code is sent 4 times to the target IR device (TV, STB, etc.....)

    How can the same functionality (repeat parameter) be achieved with your customized @irsend command?

    Thanks....Savio Fernandes

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  • savio

    I understand that your app requires the IR codes to be in the Pronto Hex Format. But, I am using iTach Global Cache device and the captured code is in iTach Global format. So, can you provide a conversion tool within your app to convert the captured IR code from iTach Global format to Pronto Hex Format. The IR codes for each button on the remote is very long string of characters and cannot be manually converted and manually entered into your app. Please do the needful

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