• As I do not use the Keene transreceiver product, I am unable to comment on it, but, understand that it also returns the code in Hex format which is native to the UR app.

    In my case the latest version of UR works well with some of my IR remotes --- where the target IR device does not need the IR code to be sent more than once. I am only facing problems when I need to send the same IR code twice or thrice to the target IR device.

    I use the iTach Capture Utility which captures the code from the physical remote via the iTach GC transreceiver over the LAN. This code is converted into Hex format via iTach Convert utility which I then cut and paste into the UR remote.lua file (based on the example given by the UR developer)

    I have sent my request to the UR developer to get the correct repeat syntax for the "@irsend" utility ---- no response from the UR developer to my request for over 3 months. Fortunately, the support at iTach GC is good and they are very responsive -- but, unfortunately, they cannot support me with the UR app as this is not their product. The support from UR developer is very poor even though my request is just to get the repeat functionality of the "@irsend" command.

    Because, of the poor support from the UR developer, I now use UR only as a Windows Remote Control and for my IR remote control needs - using another Android app called mbhRemote which meets all my IR requirements and works well with the iTach GC devices (with repeat functionality). I would recommend you to try out mbhRemote Android app -- though I may not be able to help you with mbhRemote-Keene integration (since I do not own the Keene product).

    In the meantime, I will try to use the double @irsend in the command sent by you recently and see if it works.

    Thanks for your support......Savio

  • Unified Remote does support iTach Global Cache devices and I have achieved limited success in integrating Unified Remote (Custom IR Remote) with iTach Global Cache devices.

    But, you need to know that iTach GC devices are using the IR codes in iTach Global Format whereas Unified Remote is using the IR codes in Pronto Hex format. Both these formats are internationally accepted IR formats, but, you will need to convert the formats to Pronto Hex - otherwise they will not work with Unified Remote. When you use the iTach GC Hardware device learning functionality, their devices will capture the remote codes (from your IR Physical Remote) in the iTach Global Format and you must convert this format to Pronto Hex format for Unified Remote to work successfully. UNIFIED REMOTE WILL ONLY WORK WITH PRONTO HEX FORMAT

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