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    Hello. I have a Windows 10 system which I have configured to work with my Android phone. I am able to use the app to make the PC sleep, and also to revive it with WOL. However, after the computer awakens I cannot send any further commands. My understanding was that the Windows Service would allow things like mouse and keyboard functions on the lock screen. Is this not the case?

    Edit: After additional testing, I have found that this is only the case upon waking from sleep. If I power off the PC and then boot it up, I can send commands to the lock screen. If I send a sleep command, then a wake command, I cannot send anything. However, if I go into the Servers list in the app and click on the PC, commands immediately work again. Is there any way to make the app reconnect to the server (or service?) when it wakes from sleep?

    Edit 2: Using Tasker, I tried using the "Change Server" task before sending a command, which didn't work. Probably because the app thinks it's already connected to that server, so it doesn't disconnect first. But then I tried creating a dummy server that doesn't actually exist, and doing 1) Change Server -> Dummy 2) Change Server -> Real one, and what do you know, the commands following that work! This illustrates pretty definitively that the app isn't connecting to the server correctly after WOL. I can use this workaround in my Tasker scripts, but it's a silly and unnecessary step. Is there any way to actually fix the problem?

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