• smadsen

    I have installed Unified Remote on an android 6 based mobile phone and the Unified Remote Server software in a windows 10 based PC.
    The solution I am trying to make is a windows 10 based PC without a mouse and keyboard connected only to be controlled by the Unified Remote client software connected to the PC using Bluetooth connectivity.

    What works:
    If I have my old usb mouse connected to the PC the phone is able to control the PC as expected and the mouse pointer is visible in Windows 10.
    What does NOT work:
    If I discconnect the mouse (even after reboot/power off - full power down) the mouse pointer is not visible on the windows PC. I can control the PC but without a visible mousepointer it is not a practical solution in everyday life.

    Do anyone here know what could be the cause of the missing mouse pointer and how to ensure that it remains visible even without other peripheral devices connected?

    Kindly regards

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