• smorris

    When upgrading to (39) UR Server the file usbuirtc.exe was deleted from:
    C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Bundled\Unified\Main\USB-UIRT\

    I solved the issue by copying the file back into the directory, but I'm unclear why it was removed. With the file removed none of my UIRT actions work, rather they show this error when executing the action:


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  • smorris

    When upgrading from 3.4.x to 3.5.0 (35006) most of my widgets show "Failed to load widget". Today I updated my devices from 3.5.0 (35006) to 3.5.1 (35008) and again my widgets broke.

    • I have 3 widgets on my Nexus 5X and Neuxs 5 (identical widget configuration for both devices)
    • After the update 2 of my 3 widgets (with IR actions) show as red blocks with the text "Failed to load widget". The 3rd widget with no IR actions didn't break (I'm unclear of this is related or coincidence?)
    • My launcher is Nova Launcher, not the default Google Now Launcher

    failed to load widget.png

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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  • smorris

    I think you're mixing up the Program Files path with Program Data.

    Take a look in:
    C:\ProgramData\Unified Remote\Remotes\Bundled\Unified\Examples
    (Note the first directly of the path)

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  • smorris

    Problem solved, I found the limitation when trying to use os.open(). The folders/files available are only those on the same drive that UR Server is running from. In my scenario the 3.x UR Server was running from a different drive from where the batch/ahk files were stored.

    Thanks for the guidance David, testing with os.open() gave me enough to find the issue.

    P.S. The escaped backslashes are shown in the documentation for os.open() which is where I got the idea from. I don't think it makes any difference in the end as long as the code is written correctly. https://github.com/unifiedremote/Docs/blob/master/libs/os.md#osopen-path-args-

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  • smorris

    Still no luck, at this point I'm simply trying to find any UF function to run an autohotkey script like 2.x did.

    • My remote action contains a print() which triggers as expected and shows in the trace log.
    • My AHK script contains OutputDebug, HIT which when ran prints in DebugView (although it never shows, since the script isn't ran).

    Does anyone have a working 3.x UF remote running an AHK script? Any reference would be greatly appreciated.

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  • smorris

    Thanks David, I'm not sure what reference code I must have found where it was using \ , but my understanding is \ is escaping the backslash so it's a literal backslash? If one \ is used the remote doesn't load. The forward slashes do make more sense though so I'll adjust.

    However the os.script workaround works correctly as is even with the double backslashes. The issue I'm having is the first code snippet doesn't work which is the documented method. Is the libs.server.run("Unified.USB-UIRT", "uuirt", "xxx") code currently working?

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  • smorris

    I'm coming from recently upgrading from UR 2.x to 3.x and I can't figure out how to make a remote action run my AutoHotKey script.

    In version 2.x I was able to run the script from inside my .xml file for the remote:

    <ActionRef Name="Run" Target="Core.Task" Extra="C:\batchfiles\mutemon.ahk"/>

    I'm attempting to recreate the same action in 3.x without any luck.

    --The batch script attempts to call the ahk file. It works when ran directly in windows, but, doesn't work via os.open.
     --The converter found at http://dev.unifiedremote.com/converter converts my XML it to use os.start, however from the examples I'm unsure if it can support a Windows directory path?
    --Another attempted workaround. Again this works when directly ran via command prompt in Windows, but not through os.script.
    os.script("start /min /d \"C:\\batchfiles\" mutemon.ahk"); 

    Is there some type of fundamental limitation with scripts in regard to Windows security? I'm on Windows 8 running UR Server


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  • smorris

    UR Server / Windows 8

    I've just upgraded from 2x to 3x and I'm re-writing some of my remotes. Based on the documentation as well as the results from the v2->v3 converter this is the code I would expect to work, however it doesn't:

    libs.server.run("Unified.USB-UIRT", "uuirt", "F44R05BA80804110111031101110111011101110111011101110111011101110111031101110111011101110111011101110111011103110111011101110111011101110111011103110111031103110311031101110111031101110311031103110311011103110");

    Instead I had to use os.script which does work as a workaround:

    os.script("start /min /d \"C:\\ProgramData\\Unified Remote\\Remotes\\Bundled\\Unified\\Main\\USB-UIRT\" usbuirtc.exe --send uuirt F44R05BA80804110111031101110111011101110111011101110111011101110111031101110111011101110111011101110111011103110111011101110111011101110111011103110111031103110311031101110111031101110311031103110311011103110");

    Am I missing something or does the recommended method not work? I found somewhat related posts about UIRT not working from around 3 weeks ago, but it appears those issues were supposedly fixed already.


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