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    I just tried device.openapp("com.imdb.mobile") as an example - nothing happened. Generally actions in remote.lua for the client like device.toast("...") or device.keyboard() are working. When I inspect server log:

    "attempt to call field 'OpenApp' (a nil value)"

    Is it true (according to first post) that OpenApp is implemented? I also didn't see anything in the documentation...


    Thank you!

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    Hi Nathan, thx for digging...
    Yes, starting kodi is easy, but syntax didn't work this way for me (Windows 10), because of whitespaces in path - following syntax was successful:

    os.open <square bracket><square bracket>"c:\\Program Files (x86)\\Kodi\\kodi.exe"<square bracket><square bracket>;
    (having problems formatting)

    But that's another topic. My last thought was "batch" should work with Tasker (but I don't have it), which gives me an additional possibility to get better looking shortcuts on the screen - the selection of possible icons for a widget in UR is really poor. I am surprised it didn't work for you, depending on the documentation and with the UR plugin for tasker I expected that it should run - what is your general experience with Tasker and UR?

    I didn't tried including client action (Android) in the remote.lua on server side, I will have a look.

    Any other ideas?

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    Hello, unified remote is awesome, and I am right now programming some custom remotes for my htpc. One thing I am interested in: I am running kodi on the htpc and using yatse on the android tablet as a specific remote. I would like to have a custom button, which will trigger two actions:

    1. start kodi on the htpc (windows)
    2. open yatse on the tablet

    Sure, I could do that with two buttons, but it would be more ergonomic to organize it in one step. I couldn`t find any existing feature for that - do you think this can be done?

    Thx & cheers,

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